Friday, October 24, 2014

Awesome Appetites: Super Speedsters of a Different Variety

Appetite is generally not considered a definable power. However, for these two individuals, it was what made them distinct from their peers. And, for today, notable for our consideration.

The 30th century of Earth-One had Tenzil Kem of the planet Bismoll-One, a world where all the natives of that planet had to learn to eat any matter due to microbes which made their food stock inedible. This adaptability translated to his ability to both chew and digest matter at the rate of superhuman speed, while having a high metabolism. This led to his inclusion in the Legion of Super-Heroes, although his membership records wasn't consistent due to several mitigating factors. For instance, on one occasion, he ate to much in order to escape a prison camp which led to his becoming obese. Thankfully, the effects were reversed soon afterwards.

In the 20th century of Earth-Two was Theodore "Tubby" Watts, an assistant photo-journalist for Sees-All-Tells-All News, alongside his boss Johnny Chambers. Chambers was secretly the masked man known as Johnny Quick, who obtained a super-speed formula that allowed him to move as fast as the Flash, whom he joined alongside as a member of the All-Star Squadron. On a few occasions, Tubby tagged along with the All-Stars, and especially during several of Quick's solo missions. On at least one occasion, Tubby used the formula 3x2(9yz)4a to grant himself superhuman speed, although his large physique didn't handle it quite well, and so he retired from superheroics. 

Back to Kem, whose career as Matter-Eater Lad had hit several roadblocks, not least of which was his eating the "Miracle Machine" in order to save the universe from its destructive power. He got better, although he eventually returned to his native world to become a politician. Meanwhile, Tubby stayed surprisingly young... perhaps a side effect of the speed formula... and remained by Johnny's side reporting on news across America decades later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Criminals Create Clock Chaos Continuously

While most of David Clinton's costumed career as Chronos was spent utilizing cheesy clock-themed weaponry versus his arch-enemy the Atom and, later, his foe's teammates of the Justice League... his hidden passion was to master the flow of time to his will. Although he used various criminal endeavors, by solo and alongside the Injustice Gang and Crime Champions, to obtain the finances in order to build his ultimate time machine... such was years from fruition. After a series of defeats, David seemed to submerge himself into his research away from friend and foe alike.  

To that end, under the tutelage of the mysterious "Doctor Fox" (or rather, journals left behind by this temporal apparition), Clinton was enticed by the enigmatic Power Broker into defeating the World's Finest heroes in order to unlock the secrets of Fox's research. Apparently, this powerful being held the key that his new lackey had been searching for throughout the years.

In order to gain this key, Chronos sent time bombs into the past to lure Superman away, while enticing Batman to change his own personal history and save his parents. His goal, and that of his master, was to have both caped crusaders alter history so that they no longer existed, thereby removing the threat they displayed to evil. Still, the dynamic duo shrugged off such efforts on Clinton's part, forcing him to retreat from them into the time stream, seemingly never to return. Or did he?

On Earth-Two, David's counterpart Kale was not as intelligent yet still managed to assist to time traveling tyrants in Per Degaton and the Ultra-Humanite. As a result, three versions of Kale exist in the time stream of that world, which corresponds to Chronos, Fox and the Power Broker. All three appear to be the same man, with Fox a version of Chronos in the past having gained knowledge while the Broker remained in the future to secure power through his present day version. None of these ultimately obtained what they all wanted, complete mastery of time and space.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Chronological Clones Create Continuum & Can Cause Chaos

In three separate eras, the 20th century, the 30th century and the 38th century... a trio of time travelers sought out adventures that led them each towards meetings with the Justice League.

  • For Rip Hunter of the 20th century, it was when he joined the Forgotten Heroes to aid Earth-One's Superman, before aiding the Man of Steel and his fellow Leaguers during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. 
  • For Brainiac Five of the 30th Century, it was when he met a younger version of the same hero in Superboy, who joined the lad's Legion of Super-Heroes. 
  • And for the Lord of Time from the 38th century, it was when this temporal tyrant attempted to conquer the League's era repeatedly.
  • The Lord had a daughter, named Olanda, cloned from his own body as well as her six brothers who were vanished by the Leaguer Steel.

On the parallel plane of Earth-Two, one chronological criminal used four versions of himself as well as his handful of personal temporal troopers to terrorized his native time and other ages.

  • The first version of Per Degaton had journeyed to the time of Alexander the Great in the 4th century B.C. in order to change history in the 20th century. This brought him to the attention of the Justice Society, who after a decade of rule defeated Degaton
  • The next version of Per Degaton had a short-lived career before the Society and the All-Star Squadron combined to defeat him in 1941, erasing this version.
  • The third version of Per Degaton succeeded in changing his native decade by journeying to a parallel Earth and future time. After four decades of rule, the Society, All-Stars and League combined forced to dethrone him.
  • Finally, the core version of Per Degaton lost his opportunity to steal Professor Zee's time machine, as his other clones had done, and instead became a member of the Injustice Society... still beaten by the Justice Society on three occasions.

A member of the Brainiac Five's Legion, Triplicate Girl, had the ability to create clones of herself. These young heroes had in times past traveled through the centuries to Superboy's era for various adventures, and thus were no strangers to the machinations of the time stream.

These three girls correlated with the three time traveling clones of Degaton, much like Little Miss Redhead's three allies the Blue Boys including Little Boy Blue and his pals Tubby and Toughy. This young team of teen titans were members of the Squadron who continued to perplex Degaton time and again. These three distinct lads correlated with the three distinct dudes of Hunter, Five and the Lord... in the cosmic balance of the cosmos, that is, with the fourth Per being a variation on Olanda.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Twice-Told-Tales: Metal Menaces Meet Men and Maiden of Might

The heroic members of the Justice League and Justice Society faced many and varied threats over the years, and among the most dangerous were robot rogues that wielded sufficient abilities to match and exceed their enemies.

For instance, Amazo... the android built by Professor Ivo off the template of athlete Helmet Schultz deceased brain waves... utilized his power absorbing abilities to defeat the Justice League and prolong his master's life. Amazo succeeded, although the cost to Ivo for immortality was inhumanity. Then there was military scientist Helmet Streicher who sought to see the future and harness futuristic technology to provide him a cybernetic armor. He triumphed although as the Red Panzer found continual defeat versus members of the Justice Society.

While the Panzer initially faced Batman, Flash and Green Lantern... it was Wonder Woman who was his most persistent opponent. Similarly, after a series of battles with the League... their most powerful member Superman became Amazo's primary foe. Each metallic menace faced off against the Man of Steel and Amazing Amazon on a couple of occasions, the last of which found decisive defeats from which they never truly recovered.

Interestingly, the Wonder Woman of the Justice League twice journeyed to Earth-Two to aid her counterpart. Although the two twins initially fought, they soon reconciled and tackled Red Panzer together... then on the Earth-One Princess' return trip aided her Justice Society doppleganger versus the Angle Man. A parallel event happened on her own world when she and her Justice League allies battled the automaton Super-Duper, created by criminal Joe Parry, on one brief occasion before it was recreated by T.O. Morrow once more. Super-Duper possessed several attributes of five Leaguers, with the head of Wonder Woman herself! This character was a minor footnote in history.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Power Power Players and Scarlet Suited Superheroes: Changelings and Cyclones

On Earth-Two, the Red Tornado had steady partners in the Cyclone Kids, a pair of children inspired by her example to defend their  poor neighborhood. The trio had several adventures in the 1940's before they all retired to seclusion of secret identities. What of their twins?

On Earth-One, the Black Orchid mysteriously appeared in the mid 1970s, always changing her appearance in order to infiltrate crime syndicates. Eventually, she encountered Gotham City's Super Friends, including their teen apprentices Zan and Jayne aka the Wonder Twins, themselves shape changers. Zan could transform into any aquatic element, Jayna into any form of wildlife.

The Kids were really Huey "Dinky" Jibbet and his neighbor, Amelia "Sisty" Hunkel. Amelia was the daughter of the original Red Tornado, Abigail "Ma" Hunkel, and although they had no super powers they were extremely creative in their strategy and fearless in their approach to crime.

The Twins were from the planet Exxor, and were recruited into a traveling space circus when no one on their world would adopt them due to their mutation. When they arrived on Earth-One, and aided the Super Friends versus crime genius Grax, the heroes decided to train the pair while Professor Carter Nichols adopted them under the aliases of Johan and Joanna Fleming.

Eventually, the Super Friends disbanded after the training regime of the Wonder Twins as well as that of Marvin White and Wendy Harris had concluded. Presumably, the duo returned to their native Exxor to become that planet's protectors. In an alternate future timeline, Dinky and Sisty resumed their costumed careers as members of "Old Justice",to oversee the new generation of heroes.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Twin Teen Teams Triumph: Junior Justice

Two powerful cosmic entities, Antithesis and Conscience, were the cause that effected the birth of twin teen teams.

On Earth-One it was the other-dimensional entity known as Antithesis who had become trapped within the Justice League's computer, and used his mental influence to control five Leaguers. Thankfully, they each had a kid sidekick that stopped their turn towards evil and tracked the source of their peculiar behavior. Leading to the Teen Titans forming.

On Earth-Two it was the other-dimensional entity known as Conscience that came to the aid of the Justice Society in finding the source of intolerance and prejudice that had led to one lad being bullied by another kid, with the boy becoming the first member of the new group of kids... the Junior Justice Society.

Eventually, Antithesis would return, utilizing as an agent Bromwell Stikk under the alias of Mister Twister. Stikk as the Twister tangled with the Teen Titans, and was promptly defeated, although he would return as the sinister Gargoyle empowered by his alien benefactor with strange unearthly abilities.

Conscience also would return once more, this time motivating young Dick Amber through a series of transformations in various eras under the tutelage of the Justice Society into becoming something more. Then, she just as quickly and mysteriously disappeared.

Meanwhile, the seeds were planted for the Teen Titans and Junior Justice Society, and they would be instrumental in several cases yet to come. For instance, the Titans face off against the evil Mad Mod... while the Junior JSA cornered the sinister Wizard after his Injustice Society had been defeated by teh senior heroes. Both teen teams handle various thugs such as the Mad Mod's gang and the Crimson Claw gang.

There would be other cases that the Teen Titans became involved in during their early history, before reforming as the New Teen Titans. As for the Junior Society, they mostly operated in the background aiding readers of All-Star Comics who were following along with the exploits of the original JSA, and would later be replaced by the second generation of Socialites in the form of Infinity Inc..

While Earth-One's Titans were comprised of Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Speedy and later members Mal, Lilith, Hawk and Dove, Bumblebee and Joker's Daughter... Earth-Two's Junior JSA had many normal members, as the actual counterparts to the Titans were busy with other teams (Robin and Johnny Quick with the All-Star Squadron, Speedy with Law's Legionnaires, Wonder Girl with the Holiday Girls, etc.). However, one such member Don Brent infiltrated the Crimson Claws, which his brother Chick was involved with, and inspired his teammates in the JJSA into action versus the crooked Claw. Don was the counterpart to the Titan's Jericho, as Joseph Wilson used his ability to control various individuals as Jericho much as Don's example had done. Likewise, the pair of junior crime fighters recruited by the Justice League known as Marvin White and  Wendy Harris were recruited as apprentices of the Super Friends... trained by the Titan, Robin. Their twins on Earth-Two were the baby of the real Diana Prince and her husband and Wendy Harris Tyler, who married Rex "Hourman" Tyler. Although in the 1940's, they were among the JJSA.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Second Fastest Men of Two Earths: Or Maybe Quicker?

While Barry Allen and Jay Garrick have gained the notoriety as the Fastest Men of their respective worlds, there has never been an actual race wherein this pair competed head-to-head... or rather... foot-to-foot, with this pair. 

For Wally West, nephew of Barry's wife Iris, his speed came from another freak bolt of lightning shattering a cabinet of chemicals like has happened with Allen earlier. Adopting an alias in honor of Barry's Flash alter ego, as Kid Flash Wally eventually joined the Teen Titans before learning that his abilities were slowly killing his maturing body. Also, the origin of his abilities was suspicious given that Barry gained his from his future energized body from the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

For Johnny Quick, it was through the speed formula 3x2(9yz)4a which gave him temporary bursts of superhuman abilities. Although this was only one of several alphanumeric formulas that gave residents of his universe superpowers, photojournalist Johnny Chambers harnessed this gift into a long career both solo and alongside the All-Star Squadron. His body never deteriorated from the speed force as had Wally since it had been fully developed, and since this energy wasn't a permanent facet of his physique as with West.

Would the adult Kid Flash, after having been given a boost of immunization from Uncle Barry's lightning form, been as fast as his mentor... or even faster? Would Johnny Quick, had his super speeding momentum not lent itself towards causing him to fly at a slower pace, enabled him to perhaps beat Jay in a footrace? Perhaps we will never know.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Twice-Told-Tales: The Hawkmen and Mermen Meet Monster Menaces

Hawkman-One and Hawkman-Two faced plenty of monsters in their time, but none quite like these loathsome lackeys. This Twice-Told-Tale truly has remarkably similarly plot elements and story beats showing the common features on both worlds. And the uncommon, as well.

For the silver age Winged Warrior, it was when he as Hawkgirl were drawn into a conflict with Atlanean exile Tyros.  Naturally seeking to gain control of his former home city, Tyros is drawn into conflict with Aquaman and Aqualad. Meanwhile, he gains the means of controlling Hawkman's wife and transforming her into a harpy type being to attack her mate.

This evil exile gained the power to transform into creatures while controlling both swimming and flying beasts. The golden age Feathered Fury found himself alongside old ally Neptune Perkins, drawn through unorthodox means to the planet Venus (or a facsimile thereof) by its inhabitants. Turns out, the Venusians are unable to protect themselves from two dominant creatures that terrorize their world, a Roc and a Kraken. Much like the mythological beasts they are patterned after, it takes superhuman beings to defeat and destroy these aggressive antagonists.

On Earth-One, Tyros nearly seizes complete victory in his quest for dominance of the undersea kingdom, however Aquaman grabs the gem and Hawkman the horn that were the means for the tyrant's powers. Transforming Hawkgirl back to normal and with Aqualad's help, the pair of Justice Leaguers beat Tyros who is then exiled once more.

On Earth-Two, Hawkman and his world's Aqualad... Perkins... succeed in killing both the Rok and the Kraken. Once the Venusians find peace once more, they send the pair of All-Stars back to their homeworld victorious. On this occasion, the original Hawkgirl is otherwise preoccupied while the golden age Aquaman missed out on the tale given his being on the opposite side of the globe from Neptune... whom he apparently never had occasion to meet.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Menacing Masterminds Manipulate Men of Might

Roy Reynolds was an intellectual adversary of Earth-One's Batman, as such he became known as the Getaway Genius plotting perfect crimes with the means of extracting his henchmen from the clutches of the Dynamic Duo and police.

The Puzzler was an unidentified criminal who was highly competitive. Instead of getting out of jams, he wanted to place his foes into precarious situations, leading to a repeated enmity with Earth-Two's Superman and Lois Lane.

While the Genius found his own lackey's were his undoing, as they captured Batman, for the Puzzler it was his unbridled overconfidence.

Although minor footnotes in the criminal annals now, these two masterminds were at the top of their game, until they clashed with the World's Finest heroes too many times.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Meticulous Methodical Menaces of Men of Might and Melody

There were two heroes known as the Vigilante, and two men known as the Dummy who were their arch-foe. On both Earths One and Two, these devilish diminutives devised devious delusions versus their cowboy adversaries. And repeatedly, they failed. However, they diverge in a couple critical aspects, that being the Dummies who really weren't all that dumb.

The Earth-One Dummy faced his Vigilante on a few occasions, only one modern case being documented, wherein he was showed as simply a criminal mastermind. The Earth-Two Dummy, well he was in actuality three men, known as Skipper, Flipper and Nipper. The henchman was Skipper, a tall brute whose appearance imitated his boss. Nipper was an automaton that Flipper aka the original Dummy manufactured into several robots to seclude his identity.

Originally a recruit of the Hand, whose Five Fingers drew in the attention of the Seven Soldiers of Victory which included the Vigilante, this encounter precipitated a long time enmity between the two. Ultimately, this Dummy was shown to have tremendous intelligence, and not a human like his counterpart. The Earth-Two Dummy's minion may well have been their world's version of the Brainiac bodies which housed the menacing mechanical mind of the Earth-One Superman's alien adversary. In fact, the Man of Steel's counterpart had himself encountered the Dummy when he tried to prevent a jailbreak orchestrated by Mister Mind, the wicked worm who formed the Monster Society of Evil to combat the All-Star Squadron. 

The Mind and the Brain were cosmic twins, but when the worm left his native universe for Earth-S, Dummy and his Dummy's took their place in the cosmic equation. Like Brainiac, the Dummy made continual appearances for years in Action Comics, only instead of battle Earth-Two's Superman as had Brainiac vs Earth-One's Superman, it was the Vigilante whom he sought vengeance against. Once, he built a time machine to battle his foe and his heroic allies, another time a shrinking ray like that of Brainiac. Eventually, both the green skinned and wooden skinned rogues vanished from their respective worlds, though others would take their place in time.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Replikon and Egon: Eggs Eagerly Engage Enemies

Replikon ask Xum was an adaptable alien with a gaseous form and the ability to shape change. Transforming into a blended form inspired by Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman, Xum sought out the means to transform Earth-One into a world in which his eggs could hatch by terraforming it into his long extinct native world.

Egon was an alien himself hatched from an egg when it landed on Earth-Two and raised by the vengeful Noel Racthford, who sent it once it grew into a giant to frame Noel's rival, Carter Hall... aka the Hawkman. Egon gained a humongous body and powerful eyes unleashing intense bolts of energy towards any matter he gazes upon.

Replikon first battled Green Arrow and Black Canary, then their ally Green Lantern who defeated him and vanquished him to the astroid belt between Jupiter-One and Mars-One. Meanwhile, Egon who had originated from Neptune-Two was defeated and died at the hands of Hawkman after the hero's fiancee Hawkgirl became involved in Noel's scheme. 

Eventually, Replikon's two eggs hatched when two other Green Lanterns helped transform his astroid into a habitable home form for all three. If there were any Neptunians besides Egon and his long lost parents, they have yet to surface in any chronicled tales henceforth.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Matter Manipulators Master Mirth and Merriment

Bat-Mite and Thunderbolt, Metamorpho and Plastic Man. These were two sets of counterparts on Earths One and Two capable of manipulating matter, often their very bodies, into various shapes and form in their haphazard crusaders for justice. 

That said, when Plastic Man migrated from his native Earth-Two ultimately to Earth-One, this meant two of "him", and in fact he later faced his counterpart Metamorpho once in battle. How would the cosmos reconcile this inequity? Simple. Bat-Mite around the same time period left Earth-One for Earth-Prime in an attempt the gain more notoriety using the production staff at DC Comics. After this caper, he disappeared never returning to his native dimension.

However, Mite's twin on Earth-Two the Thunderbolt remained in that universe. Sure, he occasionally journeyed to Earth-One, but mostly remained on his adopted home world for decades. As such, the Thunderbolt on Earth-Two counterbalanced Metamorpho on Earth-One. The addition of Plastic Man to Earth-One was balanced by the addition of one of the Sinesto clones that made up Earth-Two's Evil Green Lanterns, as had that of other several other displaced All-Star allies from Plas' home world. Meanwhile, Bat-Mite's move to Earth-Prime compensated for its hero Ultraa, leaving Earth-Prime for Earth-One.

While Bat-Mite's own career was a scant dozen or so tales, Thunderbolt's was scores of adventure. Similarly, while Plastic Man only had a couple dozen cases on his world before leaving, Metamorpho had a long and unique career both as a solo hero and with the Outsiders.

Additionally,Thunderbolt's presence in Earth-Two's dimensional plane doubled that of Bat-Mite's. This also made up for the loss of this pliable protector, as Thunderbolt could mimic the abilities of Plastic Man and Metamorpho, and filled in the role of honorary Justice Socialite as had the latter with the Justice League.

As for the rest Thunderbolt's race, they mirror the Water Sprites whom Earth-One's Aquaman and Aqualad met a handful of times. Shocko, son of the original Thunderbolt, was joined by several of his peers on a view occasions assisting or annoying Earth-Two's Johnny Thunder.

Both Bat-Mite and Thunderbolt were powerful aliens that aided Batman and Robin, while Metamorpho and Plastic Man were valuable allies the Caped Crusader enlisted on occasion.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dial "Q" for Quick: Spelling + Math Equals Adventure!

Of the many heroic tales in Adventure Comics, these twin tales bring to the fore how an every man can gain superhuman abilities.

Robby Reed came upon an alien dial which, when he learned to transcribe it, allowed him to "Dial 'H' for Hero", or so the saying goes. Similarly, Johnny Chambers acquired from his guardian Professor Gill the means to access a formula making him a costumed crusader. Various alphabetic and alphanumeric combinations allowed these men to become something more. Among these were the following, which were but the tip of the iceberg, unleashing awesome abilities:

  • H.E.R.O. and 3X2(9YZ)4A  unleashed superhuman power for good. 
  • O.R.E.H. and Z25Y(2AB)6 returned an individual to normal again, 
  • V.I.L.L.I.A.N. and 3X2(9YZ)4AX turned one into an evil superhuman.
  • H.O.R.R.O.R. and 4G-7E(3X3W)6X gave one a monstrous physique.
  • H.E.R.O.I.N.E. and ZYM04N13/1 always granted temporary powers.
  • Several more undocumented combinations yielded similar effects.

  • After a series of adventures, Reed gained amnesia wherein he became evil, only to regain his senses while battling Plastic Man. Shortly thereafter, in order to save Earth-One from destruction Robby had to dial S.P.L.I.T. in order to become two individuals, the Wizard who flew off to defeat the villain behind the death trap, and the Master who ingeniously deactivated the global bomb. It was then realized by both individuals that the Wizard possessed all of Reed's inherent good, and the Master all his inherent evil. While the Wizard developed two more power dials like that which powered Robby, the Master slayed his good-nature clone. But the seeds were then planted.

    On Earth-Two, the doppleganger to Robby Reed aka the Master was a piece of work none as Doctor Clever, arch-enemy of Johnny Quick (aka John Chambers). Utilizing a projector to tap into the speed force unlocked by Quick through formulas, Clever was intent on unleashing an army of super-speed creeps to initiate a crime wave, rivaling the Master's own evil meta-human clones. Thwarted repeatedly by Quick, Clever finally crawled back in the hole he came from, wherever that was.

    Although, perhaps, we know where he originated. In another strip of Johnny Quick, series creator Mort Meskin Jr. manifested himself upon that reality, and was instrumental at orchestrating events in that world. Hence, he was the original template from which the Doctor came to be.

    Much like over on Earth-One, where young artist Nick Stevens used his creative mind unconsciously to channel the new heroes from which Christopher King and Victoria Grant adopted using the power dials, so to was Scribby Jibbet able to channel the creative genius of writer Sheldon Mayer from Earth-Prime to Earth-Two. King and Grant's twins on Scribby's world were the non-powered but ever-adaptable King and Witch who quarreled amid various aliases.

    Friday, September 5, 2014

    The Other Jimmy and his Legion: Legacies of the Olsens of Old

    Jimmy Olsen was a trailblazing news reporter who began his career as an apprentice and photographer. Both at the Daily Planet and Daily Star on parallel planets, the red-headed lads labeled "Mister Action" lived to that billing, and became best friends to the Supermen of their respective worlds.

    However, there were other Jimmys who also had thriving careers as crusaders against crime. On Earth-Two in the 1940's, this boy was named Jimmy Martin who led his Minute-Men of America into various adventures alongside their hero, Hourman. Each was given versions of their idol's Miraclo pill, giving them momentary bursts of power. In one sense, this made them like the clones of Hourman's counterpart Multiplex. However, they also resembled another group of individuals on Earth-One.

    On that world, several lads assembled to become the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club, and assisted him on various cases. Simultaneous to this, the evil Lex Luthor and the malevolent Cadums Project created clones of Olsen, although their life span was apparently short-lived. One such clone met Jimmy, himself a guard at Cadmus. While these clones and the Fans had no costumed careers like the original Jimmy, Olsen himself had several including that as Elastic-Lad. On Earth-Two, it was Jimmy Martin not Jimmy Olsen who had his own brief foray into superheroics as the Minute-Man!

    And they were not alone in these tales, for Jimmy of Earth-One was allied with the Newsboy Legion of his world. Their parents, the original Newsboy Legion of Earth-Two never interacted with the other Olsen, although perhaps they were honorary members of the Minute-Men. In addition, one of the Earth-One Legion's member known as Flipper Dipper had an equally goofy counterpart in Earth-Two's Sweep Second, a lad named Thorndyke who later aided Hourman separate from his peers. Both teams of lads would have run ins with various evil scientists, and overturn their schemes.

    Saturday, August 23, 2014

    Winged Warriors and Wonder Women: Famed Flights of Fancy

    Winged warriors and wonder women... such is true for today's consideration. Charlie Parker was an orphan in Midway City, who dreamed of one day becoming like his hero Hawkman, and suddenly he gained a similar costume and wings. Turns out, after teaming up with the Justice League, he discovered that unconsciously he had been granted these by that costume crusader's arch-enemy, Matter Master who yearned for a rematch. Turns out the Thanagarian heroes were off world, although both Hawks returned to Earth-One. 

    After battling the villain alongside the League, Charlie lost his wings, although Hawkman showed his appreciation by giving him another pair of wings and an anti-gravity belt. Around this time, as the Golden Eagle, Parker met the Teen Titan telepath known as Lilith Clay who assembled a "Titans West" to combat the evil Captain Calamity. Then, both he and his flame haired ally retired, although Lilith eventually fell in love with another winged man in the alien known only as Azrael.

    On Earth-Two, another maiden with mental powers named Dianne Greyton decided to use her ability to control arachnids to become the Spider Widow, and soon thereafter encountered Tony Gray aka the Raven. Gray had himself come upon a set of wings and knitted a classy costume in order to join the ranks of superheroes. And around this time, both encountered the established superheroine known as Phantom Lady, which caused a conflict as the Lady and the Widow both had eyes for Raven. After a series of confrontations and team ups against crooks, the trio parted and Phantom Lady journeyed to Earth-X. Left behind, the Widow and Raven decided to retired, presumably to focus on their relationship full time.

    *We can deduce that, while Phantom Lady moved to Earth-X in the spring of 1942 and yet her meeting with Spider Widow and the Raven was published in 1943, that this still occurred of Earth-Two for the following reasons. Simultaneous to these tales in Police Comics was the Lady's pal Plastic Man, who had just began his career as an FBI agent, and his first couple cases as such are during this time period. And yet, as All-Star Squadron #1 states, Plastic Man is already an established FBI agent and their liason as of December 7, 1941. Also, fellow All-Star Liberty Belle debuted in comics in the winter of 1942, yet is shown also as an established heroine in the same issue. Hence, all mid-1940's tales have been back dated at least a year and half, meaning Spider Widow and Raven are of Earth-Two not Earth-X, and hence remained on their native world.

    Saturday, August 16, 2014

    Warped Weird Wonders of Wrongdoing: Crazy Clone Cronies

    Htrae was a reformed planet formed as a warped version of Earth-One, where Bizarro and his race of artificial men lived for a few years. Initially just the original, when he first created an imperfect Lois Lane and then other imperfect inorganic beings, changed his name to Bizarro Number One being their progenitor. As Superman's complete opposite, this creature and his fellows caused more chaos than the norm. While initially, Number One and his fellows seemed hostile to the Man of Steel and humans in general, even going to war with them at one point, the invention of Blue Kryptonite seemed to keep the Bizarros at a respectful distance. Nevertheless, there were periods when humans and Bizarros interacted.

    Funny Face did much the same while remaining on Earth-Two, breathing a form of sentience into replicas of cartoon strip characters, culminating in his final creation of Flying Tiger. Like Bizarro, the Tiger was a non-living mirror image of his world's Superman, although in this case replicating the hero's crooked alter ego during a period when that hero was trying to locate Metropolis' underworld's crime kingpin.

    And, for a brief period, it seemed that Flying Tiger was the perfect foil for Superman, unlike his imperfect Bizarro twin a universe away. Replicating all of Superman's powers plus the ability to grow large, turn immaterial and teleport away... his powers came close to equaling Earth-One's Composite Superman in some regard, who had the combined abilities of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Still, his susceptibility to Green Kryptonite proved the Tiger's downfall, leading to his exile back into the two-dimensional existence from which he came.

    Funny Face's folks included villains Viper, Torgo, Machine-Gun Mike, Goola and the Black Raider. Also among the ranks of these pseudo citizens was Happy Daze, Prince Peril, Detective Craig, Streak Dugan and the Solitary Rider... as well as for a time Kitty aka Lois' Flying Tiger sidekick. While all of these entities have only brief periods of existence in the three-dimensional world, they continue on as they had for an untold period in the fictional realm of the Daily Star's comic strips with several supporting characters to interact with in each of their imaginary realms. This would mimic Bizarro and his people's tales in Adventure Comics' "Bizarro World", although whether these actually existed in the "real world" of their native universe is unknown.

    What is known is that eventually, they became the basis of the parallel world of Earth-Zero, modeled after Htrae after Mister Mxyzptlk destroyed that world only a few years after its creation just prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Proof of its existence came to light when Alex Luthor of Earth-Three recreated the multiverse including its individual Earths, which also materialized this Zero world in its own vibratory frame of existence.

    Chief among those on Htrae was Bizarro's close "friends" of Lois, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White and Krypto as well as his "colleagues" in the Bizarro League of Batzarro, Hero the flash, Yellow Lantern and imitations of Aquaman, Hawkman and Wonder Woman. Then there were the "law-breakers" of Lex Luthor, Joker, Kltpzyxm and Aamzo. Not to mention the legion of other Bizarro Supermen and Lois Lanes populating the planet.

    Apparently, the technology Funny Face developed on Earth-Two had been used previously by the Soldiers of the Secret City, although after their encounter with the Flash and his associate Doctor Maria Flura, word got out to this potentially dangerous people and their ability to multiple forces. Spurred on by this, Professor Lexon encourage Flura to join him in developing a replica of the Secret City image duplicator, which he then used to fake his own death. In so doing, he created image clones of Flash's girlfriend Joan Williams, Maria, himself and several of the Secret City soldiers. Previously, Flash himself encountered three of his own clones, as had an aged journalist who first found the city. These image people were clones of Bizarro's civilian associates, while the heroes and villains and nameless Bizarro replicas mirrored Funny Face's news strip heroes and villains and Lexon's nameless soldiers.

    Similar technology on Earth-Two around the same time was used by Nels Farrow to create several fictional assassins that battled the Flash's Justice Society companions. And another Flash foe in Alphonse Peckabit created his own fictional felons in Strongman, Peg Leg and Hot Stuff which actually continued to exist undefinitely as had Bizarro Superman and Lois Lane Number One and their son Junior... yet unlike the brief Bizarro versions of Superboy, Supergirl and Beautiful Superman Bizarro (yes there was one).

    Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    Sinestro's Tale of a Car and Its Driver

    Sinestro is well known as the arch-enemy of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Earth-One. His tenacity and creativity are legendary, as he has employed various means in order to defeat his foes, be they the Lantern Corps or its masters, the Guardians of the Universe. At one point, he actually crossed the dimensional divide regularly with the goal of facilitating power from an evil anti-matter universe. Herein we meet Magot.

    Competing in a contest for Most Evil Citizen of the anti-matter planet of Qward, Sinestro is assisted by his campaign manager, Magot. This is that universe's version of Earth-Two's Doiby Dickles, and while the two schemes draw in Jordan once more, ultimately Sinestro is beaten and captured inside an amber cube kept in Hal's storage garage. However, therein also housed Doiby's taxi known as Goitrude.

    A short time before this, Dickles and his future wife Princess Ramia were alluding capture at the hands of Prince Peril, and after enlisted the aid of the Green Lanterns of both Earths... Doiby left his taxi cab on Earth-One. Something about this vehicle seemed to allow Sinestro to project his mind into it, take control, and ultimately recreate his physical body in order to start his Sinestro Corps. Despite superior numbers in his clones, about to take control of Earth-Two and, by extension, that universe... he and they were defeated.

    Returning to the mysterious Goitrude... what made it so unique that it could contain a sentient conscience? Well, twenty years prior in 1947, this taxi DID have a rudimentary intelligence. On two occasions, it was exhibited as having thought for itself, and multiple times assisted Doiby and Earth-Two's Green Lantern, Alan Scott on cases. Its long life was sadly cut short when Sinestro ultimately destroyed its entire housing.

    Still, how do we explain a car that can think and can act? Apparently, there was a connection to the emerald energy contained in Scott's power ring and power battery. Tying this battery with the car's battery, the Green Flame of Life (originally part of the Starheart) was able to act as a partner to its emerald agent in his battle against evil. When the taxi was transferred from Earths Two to One, "Goitrude's" mind entered Alan's power ring, which communicated him once while facing the evil Chang. She was the counterpart to M'la, whose husband Zalaz stole the Starheart which she merged into in Earth-One's universe.

    And since this Green Flame was the counterpart of Swamp Thing from Earth-One, which housed a conscience inside vegetation, it stands to reason Goitrude and the Thing correlated with one another. And given that Swamp and Sinestro had as many tales told of them as had Goitrude with its Flame of Life, this also shows the influence they had on the lives of the Green Guardians of the Globe.

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014

    Independent Insect Individuals: Forager and Red Bee

    Forager was one of a species of insects on the inter-dimensional world of New Genesis, mutated to have the form of a humanoid while having superhuman leaping abilities and various athletic skills. Red Bee was Rick Raleigh, who adopted a costumed identity to use his ability to control insects such as bees as well as obtained athletic skills of his own. Eventually, Forager was accepted on Super Town with its prestigious inhabitants, while Raleigh became assistant district attorney of Superior City.

    Eventually, Forager arrived on Earth-One to enlist the aid of Orion in his battle versus foes such as Darkseid and Mantis. Red Bee left his native Earth-Two with fellow members of the All-Star Squadron to battle evil on Earth-X with fellow Freedom Fighters. While Forager had an acidic weapons and shield, Red Bee had his stinger gun and trained bees. 

    Although Forager eventually retired from heroics, Red Bee perished in battle, yet both were remembered for their short-lived yet impactful careers.

    Monday, August 11, 2014

    Timelines of Injustice: Sinister Society's Successful Schemes

    The Injustice Society may have ultimately proved a failure when battling their opposite number, the Justice Society, however two of their members succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in ruling the world. Of a kind.

    Vandal Savage had the longest run of a rogue's reign, when he schemed to have Superman follow him back through the ages the detonate various time bombs that reset history. As a result, Earth-One was transformed into a perpetual kingdom was the Earth-Two Savage as its sole sovereign for centuries. Or at least for several days, though it seemed longer given how the time stream was altered. 

    Vandal was known for pilfering the equipment of his fellow Socialites back when he worked with them in the late 1940's, and thus it would've been his ally Per Degaton's temporal technology that was instrumental in the immortal villain's victory. Although Superman figured this out and reverts history to how it was intended to be.

    And speaking of Degaton, when he was a lowly lab assistant for Time Trust scientist Professor Malachi Zee, he gained access to temporal technology. In 1947, Per stole Zee's time cabinet and journeyed back in time with armies and 20th century weaponry in order to alter the course of the key Battle of Arbela in 331 BC which changed the course of history. As such, Earth-Two did not technologically advance past a medieval state, while Degaton secured his modern armaments in a chromium lined cave. Even into the late 1950's, this resulted in this tyrant having unmatched power which even the Justice Society could not overcome.

    That is, until Green Lantern journeyed back in time with his teammates and tipped the Battle of Arbela back in favor of the true victors according to history. This led to time being reset, with Per's reign of tyranny ending. Although, the memory of his fleeting victory would remain and prompt him to pursue this path once more.

    On his second attempt, Degaton stole atomic weapons from Earth-Prime,enlisting the aid of Earth-Three's Crime Syndicate in order to control Earth-Two. Apparently, this was the decisive step needed so that into the 1980's, Degaton's new history proved him master of his native world. In this reality, superheroes still existed however the Crime Syndicate members Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Johnny Quick and Power Ring remained as his enforcers allowing them to subjugate this world. 

    The combined efforts of the Justice Society, Justice League and All-Star Squadron were needed to thwart Degaton's determination for dominance. In the process, they changed back the altered timeline on Earth-Prime that had resulted from the Syndicate's theft of weaponry, when that world was reduced to a devastated landscape. With not atom bombs nor his Syndicate at his disposal, Degaton once more retreated to his native 1947 leaving all save him forgetting about this encounter. His desire would remain.

    On Earth-One, Professor Ronson accidentally unleashed via his chronal transponder an energy wave that altered that planet's future causing its superheroes to be eliminated with only their alter egos remaining. Thankfully, the World's Finest Team from the future of Earths One and Two restored reality to its natural course.

    Interestingly, the first chronological reset of history on Earth-One was actually the creation of a deviant planet and universe spawned by Earth-Two's Thunderbolt at the behest of the criminal Johnny Thunder who wanted the Justice League eliminated. Replacing them with his Lawless League, themselves counterparts to the Crime Syndicate that were displaced in the alternate timeline on Earth-Two, this quintet of crooks had fleeting careers before they were dispatched by the visiting Justice Society. Although this world exists somewhere within the Multiverse, as does the altered timelines we've considered, they've been folded back into non-existence from whence they came as far as we're concerned.

    Nevertheless, an interesting aside is one final artificially created timeline/universe in the form of Earth-Zero, which was made manifest when Mister Mxyztplk and the entity known as Aethyr destroyed the short-lived planet Aethyr in Earth-One's reality yet projected it and its Bizarro inhabitants into a pocket universe much like Earth-A or these timelines. With their own evil replicas of Justice League and Justice Society members, these worlds would only be liberated from such oppression (although the Bizarro's enjoyed it, given their warped nature living in reverse) when the champions of main-stream realities intervened.

    So while history cannot be changed in the universes of the Multiverse, it can be branched off into timelines or universes distinct and different from each individual universe. Although due to the nature of time and the fluidity of their states of being, such existence is transient to say the least!

    Saturday, August 9, 2014

    Force Field Fighters: The Tale of Twin Time Tyrants

    When Querl Dox of Colu first enlisted in Earth-One's Time Institute, his genius level intellect quickly acquired for him the respect of his peers. Among their many pursuits was developing the Time Bubble that would pierce the time stream and allow them to journey from the 30th century to other eras. Eventually, he became motivated to join the Legion of Super-Heroes as Brainiac Five, coming equipped with his patented force field belt and other gadgets which made as much an impression as fellow recruit Supergirl. His career with this team was mixed, as he was key in several of their victories although he made a misguided attempt to create sentient artificial intelligence which became the evil Computo and later went temporarily mad, almost destroying the universe. He regained his sanity and served the Legion with distinction from them on. Like his counterpart Degaton, Dox was tied to an evil "Brain" in the original Brainiac, as well as coming into conflict with a Legion of All-Stars from time to time. 

    When Per Degaton, the original version, joined the Time Trust, he was instrumental behind the scenes in its success... and failure. When the Justice Society of America used technology to journey to the 25th century to obtain bomb defense technology, it was Per as a lab assistant that sabotaged it. Some years later, when his supervisor Professor Malachi, several versions of Degaton would attempt to usurp control over the world only to be defeated by the Society and later the All-Star Squadron. While chronal-clones of Degaton had moderate success on at least two occasions of obtaining a rule of decades, the prime version eventually aged and as an old man reunited with fellow Injustice Socialite Brain Wave. In a newly conditioned body, Per's mental acumen allowed him to develop his own force field generator while in conflict with Power Girl and the Society. Eventually, in a rematch with them, he perished in battle.

    Friday, August 8, 2014

    Fawcett Fridays:Married Men and Maidens in Mid-Air

    The romance of Superman and Lois Lane is, indeed, an epic one. As is the tragic attraction that draws Batman and Catwoman towards the other. And even when their girlfriend knows from the beginning is real identity, as happened with Jay "Flash" Garrick with his lady Joan and Ralph "Elongated Man" Dibny with his lass Sue, there is an even more appealing coupling. That would be the crimefighting dating duo. And we have three prime examples today.

    Katar Hol, Carter Hall and Jim Barr first discovered the miraculous anti-gravitational properties of  heir anti-gravity metal belt, nth metal belt and gravity regulator helmet respectively. Katar and Jim were police men and used these devices to track down evil culprits that alluded traditional law enforcement authorities. Carter and Jim were a pair of scientists with a thirst for balance in the natural order around them. And Katar and Carter were two who thrived on communing with avian creation whose air they shared.

    But there was something more these three men shared... the desire for companionship. And so, when Jim's girlfriend Susan Kent... also the daughter of his boss Sergeant Kent... desired to join him in his heroic crusade... he bequeathed her a duplicate helmet and similar costume. And thus, Bulletman and Bulletgirl were born, having several adventures throughout the 1940's before Doctor Sivana's Suspendium caught them and their fellow costumed crusaders of Earth-S in suspended animation until the 1970's. At that time, they joined the Squadron of Justice, although they were earlier members of the Crime Crusaders Club.

    Carter and his fiancee Shiera Saunders repeatedly found themselves in adventures that called for his alter ego of Hawkman, and eventually temptation caused Hall to create another pair of wings and nth metal belt for his future bride. And thus, Hawkwoman was born, although she soon reverted to the identity of Hawkgirl. Although she never joined his team, the Justice Society of America, which she occasionally expressed interest in... she became an integral part of Earth-Two's All-Star Squadron. Together, these two Hawks also operated through the 1940's side-by-side on several cases. Eventually, she retired and never donned her costume again, and she took on a new role as mother to their son Hector.

    Then there was Shayera Thal, who was a police woman on the planet Thanagar and also Katar's ally, both of whom tracked down a criminal to Earth-One. On this world, they adopted the names Hawkman and Hawkgirl, although she eventually changed hers to Hawkwoman. Around this time, she also finally gained the attention of her now husband's teammates on the Justice League of America, of which she soon joined. Although the pair had scores of adventures themselves, at times there were rifts between the two as political intrigue from their home world at times threatened their own lives. Nevertheless, the ultimately remained paired side-by side, as had the other two couples who were their counterparts.

    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    Ancient Allies of the Green Gladiators: The Guardians and the Other Guys

    Indeed, the Guardians of the Universe were the ultimate line of defense for the original positive matter universe. Having originated on the planet Malthus, these immortal beings migrated to planet Oa in the center of their reality to oversee and protect it. Their counterparts on Earth-Two did not, as the Buddak were intent on harnessing their red version of the Guardian's emerald energy for evil.

    However, there were some who took the place of the elite Malthusians who volunteers to serve infinity on Oa, in the form of a Chinese Embassy on Earth-Two that had operated throughout the centuries. Green Lantern had initially encountered them when he was given the power battery under undocumented circumstances. In 1945, one of their number contacted the hero's alter ego Alan Scott through the lantern to warn him of Solomon Grundy's return. 

    Then in 1946, Green Lantern and his pal Doiby were brought back to the medieval past of Camelot to protect it from a viable threat, and ended up meeting the protectors of the Green Flame's power battery who sent the pair back to their own era. Although not as regular in their contact with their apprentice as were the Guardians with Hal, Alan definitely appreciated them.

    Wednesday, August 6, 2014

    Girls of Steel and Temporal Tyrants

    Supergirl and Brainiac Five joined the Legion of Super-Heroes at the same time. Power Girl joined the Justice Society of America when Per Degaton's temporal clone battled them. Sparks flew, with Earth-One's Girl of Steel suspicious as Five was the alleged descendant of her cousin's old enemy... Earth-Two's Maid of Might just plain didn't care for the arrogant genius spliced from a moment of his predecessors' timelines. Who could blame them? At times, Querl Dox... as this Brainiac was actually named... had a tormented psyche that plagued his teammates with dreams of grandeur. At one point, he threatened his universe and caused the temporary insanity of teammate Matter-Eater Lad. But he redeemed himself of this unfortunate attributes, and was a stalwart member of the 30th century Legion, even coming up with various devices such as their flight rings. Although he did accidentally create one of their greatest nemesis, Computo. Still, it ultimately became subservient, so all turned out well. And maybe that's why Kara of Krypton-One was so enamored by this troubled yet tenacious teen of the future.

    No such qualities were found in Degation, any Degaton for that matter. The first tried to conquer ancient  history and set up a modern day rule at least ten years into his future before the Justice Society overturned his plans. The second Degaton tried to use the crisis of Pearl Harbor and World War II to his advantage, although then the All-Star Squadron was formed to defeat him. The third Degaton had a rematch with the All-Stars, the Society as well as Earth-One's Justice League..even ruling forty years later... until the heroes defeated him once more causing that timeline to cease to exist. The forth Degaton was left without the means to time travel, and after a stint among the Injustice Society versus his old foes, he ended up an old man. When Brain Wave revived him, the pair faced a Justice Society now having a Kara of Krypton-Two. And even though Degaton like Brainiac could come up with a nifty force field and other gadgets, his intellect was no match for the enthusiasm that was the Supermen's lady cousins.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014

    Team-Up Tuesdays: Finest Fawcett Friends Forever

    Earth-S was very unique in the midst of the Multiverse. For one thing, there was no Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or derivatives thereof. Indeed there were analogues to each of these, and other superheroes and heroines, both in the golden age starting in the 1940's like Earth-Two and the silver age 1970's such as on Earth-One. Nevertheless, there was also a lack of scientific principals, as this particular universe's particular laws of physics almost lent themselves as much to the whimsical as the wonderful. But that wasn't all that made it stand apart from the rest.

    On this world, the greatest superhero team that ever existed wasn't the Justice League or the Justice Society, no Justice Alliance nor Freedom Brigade. Not even a Crime Syndicate... well okay there was the Monster Society of Evil but, as it was, they were evil if not persistent. However, on Earth-S, their premier team was a family! Yes, the Marvel Family, consisting of Captain Marvel along with his sister, his best friend, three namesakes, a lovable old fraud and the elder guardian who empowered them all.

    That's not to say this world didn't have their share of costumed crusaders. Indeed, Bulletman and Bulletgirl were as prolific as protectors as were Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Mister Scarlet and Pinky were as gifted a dynamic duo as were Batman and Robin. Spy Smasher was evenly matched with Sandman, as was Minute Man with the Star-Spangled Kid. That's just the tip of the iceburg.

    And indeed, these various heroes teamed up informally throughout the years at social events, and they were all stuck together in Suspendium thanks to the machinations of Doctor Sivana after the Captain's long time friends showed up to support a ceremony in his and his Family's honor. Eventually, they would team up, well most of them, to form Shazam's Squadron of Justice. Still, this was a one-and-done scenario, as most of the members then proceeded to retire or at least semi-retire. Except for the Marvels.

    Still, this world was well protected, so much so that none of the various incarnations of the Monster Society were able to vanquish good from that planet. And so it would remain, until the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Or, in at least one timeline, into the uncharted future.

    Thursday, July 31, 2014

    Grand Groups Gathering Good Guys and Gals: All-Star Legions

    When we dissect the individual members of Earth-One's Legion of Super-Heroes from the 30th century, and Earth-Two's All-Star Squadron from the 20th century, we see some impressive parallels yet distinct difference. Some of the latter had other members, such as the Justice Society of America and Law's Legionnaires, in their midst yet didn't have some of the original Freedom Fighters and independent mystery men of the golden age. And while the former allied itself with the Justice League of America on occasion, only Superman in his younger years was a member of their organization. Consider member-by-member from the Legion's perspective:

    • Lightning Lad and Magno the Magnetic Man were each super-charged superheroes, and both perished early in their careers although the Lad was revived thanks to alien ally Proty's sacrifice.
    • Saturn Girl was sometimes a conflicted member but ultimately a leader among the team, although her twin Eviless aka Saturnette used similar mental manipulation versus All-Star Wonder Woman.
    • Cosmic Boy and Black Condor glided through the air, in only a bathing suit, equipped with massive energies at their disposal to overpower their adversaries by repelling them and attracting allies.
    • Triplicate Girl had two allies in Duo Damsel splitting off from herself and a boyfriend in Bouncing Boy, while Little Boy Blue had his two Blue Boy and girlfriend Little Miss Redhead to assist them.
    • Blockade Boy and Stripesy were tough adaptable heroes also known as the Weirdo Legionnaire and Law's Legionnaire, assisting more established superheroes using their combination of brawn and intuitiveness.
    • Star Boy and Star-Spangled Kid harnesses incredible gravitational abilities among other powers, while clad in stellar super-suits showing themselves to be future heirs-apparent to other Boys in Blue.
    • Dream Girl and Madam Fatale were while haired heroines, well the latter wasn't what "she" appeared, yet they both inspired confidence in getting the job done with their foresight and intuition.
    • Shrinking Violet and Doll Man not only shrank to tiny sizes but proved invaluable as capable of defying gravity while delivering a pint-sized punch against problematic pests.
    • Colossal Boy and Nuklon were the sons of prominent women who bridged the gap between Earth and space, as did these two lad with the ability to grow to massive heights with great strength.
    • Mon-El aka Lar Gand and Doctor Richard Occult seemed to be distant relatives of Superman, and each wore similar costumes while skirting the realms between physical and phantom realities.
    • Shadow Lass and Phantom Girl were able to darken the surroundings of friend and foe alike, while effortless navigating through such a blackened bedlam with effortless ease on every occasion.
    • Ultra Boy and Baron Blitzkrieg possessed Superman-level abilities yet could only manifest one power at a time, such as flight or superstrength or heat vision, yet one was a friend the other a foe.
    • Phantom Girl and Rose Psychic were capable to phase into the physical and phantom realities as well hence their acquaintance with Mon-El and the Doctor, both just as capable as the guys.
    • Lightning Lass and Penny Dreadful had electrical powers that matched Lightning Lad and Magno, and the flaming red-hair to match, both allied to animal allies and teams of youthful heroes.
    • Timber Wolf and Minute-Man Martin were the hairs to scientists who discovered the means to artificially create superhuman strength, stamina and speed yet with terrible side-effects to contend with.
    • Brainiac Five and Per Degaton exercised their mental might and thirst for power which brought them in contention with the these massive teams as they bent time and space to their wills.
    • Chameleon Boy and Destroying Demon were both horned heroes able to infiltrate other organizations with their power of disguise coupled with their daring escapades in the face of danger.
    • Sun Boy and the Ray each irradiated solar-energies that made them among the mightiest of their teams, blasting heat and light that both dazzled and dazed those who may oppose them.
    • Element Lad and Neon the Unknown were sole survivors generating elemental abilities with ease while carrying on an air of mystery and tragedy which followed them wherever they went.
    • Karate Kid and Mister Terrific were masters of a multitude of physical skills making them an equal of any who may face them, be they friend or foe, matched with great mental discipline.
    • Princess Projectra and Miss America were royalty personified, able to create whatever they imagined for all to see and experience, showing the depth of their personalities and powers.
    • Wildfire and Human Bomb possessed explosive touch and raw untapped energy that yielded tremendous potential for devastation unless contained in their specialized suits.
    • Dawnstar and Windwalker proved their pinnacle peak of Native American superheroes, mastering wind currents be they solar and earth based, showing tremendous tenacity.
    • Invisible Kid and Invisible Hood, Ferro Boy and Captain Triumph, Chemical King and Quicksilver, Blok and Atlas all had parallels as well while tangentially tied to these teams.

    Character Profiles

    711 (1) Abin Sur (1) Abra Kadabra (3) Abraham Davis (1) Ace of Space (1) Adam Strange (5) Aegeus (1) Agent Axis (1) Air Wave (4) Akhet (2) Alan Scott Loves Women (6) Alanna Strange (2) Alex Luthor (4) Alexander the Great (1) Alexei Luthor (9) Alfred (2) Alias the Spider (1) All-Star Squadron (5) All-Stars (40) Ally Babble (1) Alva Xar (1) Amalek (1) Amazing-Man (1) Amazo (2) Ambush Bug (1) Amethyst (3) Angle Man (1) Animal Man (2) Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (1) Animals (4) Anthony Lupus (1) Anti-Monitor (3) Antithesis (1) Anton Hastor (1) Apokolips (1) Appellaxians (9) Aquagirl (1) Aqualad (2) Aquaman (5) Aquarius (1) Armageddon (1) Arrowette (1) Asgard (3) Astra (1) Astronimo (1) Atlanna (1) Atlantea (2) Atlantis (1) Atlena (1) Atom (10) Atom Blake (1) Atom-Master (1) Atoman (1) Atomic Knight (1) Atomic Skull (1) Avengers (1) Axis Amerika (6) Azrael (1) B'wana Beast (1) Baby Boom (1) Badra (1) Balbo (1) Barda (1) Baron Bedlam (1) Baron Blitzkrieg (2) Baron Death (1) Bat Lash (3) Bat-Girl (2) Bat-Mite (2) Bat-Squad (1) Batgirl (12) Batman (22) Batmen of All Nations (4) Batwoman (2) Beast Boy (2) Beautia (1) Billy Gunn (2) Bird-Boy (1) Bizarro (4) Black Adam (2) Black Arrow (1) Black Bison (1) Black Canary I (4) Black Canary II (4) Black Dragon Society (2) Black Hand (1) Black Jack (2) Black Knight (1) Black Lightning (1) Black Manta (2) Black Orchid (4) Black Shark (1) Black Spider (1) Blackfire (1) Blackhawk (3) Blackhawks (1) Blackrock (1) Blackstar/Blackstarr (1) Blackwing (1) Blockade Boy (1) Blockbuster (2) Blok (1) Blue Beetle (3) Blue Boys (2) Blue Devil (1) Blue Tracer (1) Bolt (1) Bouncer (1) Boy Commandos (2) Bozo (1) Brain (1) Brain Storm (1) Brain Wave (4) Brain Wave Junior (1) Brain-Pirate (1) Brainiac (4) Brainiac Five (4) Brainwave Junior (2) Brane Taylor (2) Brimstone (1) Bronze Tiger (1) Brotherhood of Evil (1) Bug-Eyed Bandit (1) Bulletgirl (6) Bulletman (5) Bumblebee (1) Bushmaster (1) Bwanna Beast (1) Byth (1) Calculator (1) Calendar Men (1) Captain Action (1) Captain Atom (1) Captain Boomerang (1) Captain Carrot (1) Captain Challenge (1) Captain Cold (2) Captain Comet (5) Captain Kid (1) Captain Marvel (11) Captain Marvel Junior (4) Captain Midnight (1) Captain Nazi (1) Captain Skull (1) Captain Stingaree (1) Captain Triumph (1) Carcharo (1) Cary Bates (2) Catman (1) Catwoman (6) Cavalier (1) Cave Carson (1) Chac (1) Challengers of the Unknown (2) Chameleon Boy (1) Champions of Angor (1) Chang (3) Charlie Vicker (1) Cheetah (1) Chemical King (1) Chemo (1) Cheshire (1) Chief (1) Chris King (2) Chris KL-99 (1) Chroma (1) Chrona (1) Chronos (4) Chuck Grayson (1) Cinnamon (1) Cities (5) Clarice Winston (2) Clayface (2) Clea (1) Clock I (1) Clock II (1) Clock III (1) Clock King (1) Cloudland (1) Clown (1) Cluemaster (1) Colonel Future (1) Colonel Sulphur (1) Colossal Boy (1) Comet the Superhorse (1) Commander (2) Commander Blanx (1) Commander Steel (4) Commando Yank (2) Composite Superman (2) Computo (1) Congo Bill (1) Congorilla (1) Conqueror (2) Conscience (1) Construct (1) Controllers (1) Copperhead (1) Cosmic Boy (1) Cosmo (1) Cotton Carson (1) Count Vertigo (1) Crazy Quilt (1) Creator2 (1) Creature Commandos (1) Creeper (1) Crime Champions (2) Crime Doctor (1) Crime Syndicate (12) Crimelord (1) Crimson Avenger (4) Crimson Flame and Blue Snowman (1) Crusaders (1) Cryll (2) Cyborg (1) Cyclone Kids (1) Cyclotron (4) Dark Man (1) Dark Opal (1) Darkseid (2) Dawnstar (1) DC Detectives (5) Deadman (1) Deathbolt (1) Deathstroke (1) Despero (1) Destiny (1) Destroying Demon (1) Detective Chimp (1) Detectives of Detective Comics (1) Dev-Em (2) Dial H for Heroes (2) Diamond Jack (1) Dian Belmont (1) Diane Meade (1) Dmane (1) Doc Wackey (1) Doctor Alchemy (4) Doctor Anomaly (1) Doctor Chaos (1) Doctor Clever (1) Doctor Cyber (1) Doctor Death (1) Doctor Destiny (2) Doctor Doog (1) Doctor Doome (2) Doctor Double X (2) Doctor Elektro (1) Doctor Fate (5) Doctor Fether (1) Doctor Fu Manchu (1) Doctor Glisten (1) 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Protegee (2) Proteus (1) Proty (1) Psimon (1) Psycho-Pirate (1) Pulsar (1) Pulsar Stargrave (1) Puzzler (1) Queen Bee (2) Queen Desira (1) Queen Paralea (1) Quenn Atomia (1) Quicksilver (1) Quislet (1) Qward (2) Ra's Al Ghul (2) Raakj (1) Radar (1) Rag Doll (2) Ragman (1) Rainbow Archer (1) Rainbow Raider (4) Ramulus (1) Raven (4) Ray (1) Reactron (1) Real American (2) Red Bee (2) Red Dart (1) Red Panzer (2) Red Star (1) Red Tornado (5) Red Torpedo (2) Red White and Blue (1) Reflecto (1) Replikon (2) Reverse Flash (6) Richard Dragon (1) Ricky Taylor (1) Rip Hunter (2) Rival (2) Robby Reed (2) Robin (14) Robotman (8) Robots (1) Rogues Gallery (10) Rokk and Sorban (1) Rond Vidar (2) Roper (1) Rose and Thorn (4) Rose Psychic (2) Rotwang (1) Roving Ranger (2) Roy Raymond (1) Royal Flush Gang (2) Roz-Em (1) Rusty Ryan (1) Sagitarius (1) Sand Superman (2) Sandman (6) Sandy (4) Sardath (1) Sargon (5) Saturn Girl (1) Saturno (1) Scalphunter (2) Scarlet Seal (1) Scribby Jibbet (1) Sea Devils (2) Sea Sleuth (1) Secret City (2) Secret Society of Super-Villains (14) Sense-Master (1) Sentinels of Justice (4) Seraph (2) Serva (1) Sgt Rock (1) Shade (7) Shadow (1) Shadow Lass (1) Shadow-Thief (1) Shadowlands (1) Shaggy Man (1) Shark (1) She-Bat (1) Shimmer (1) Shining Knight (1) Shrike (1) Shrinking Violet (1) Sidekicks (1) Sieur Satan (2) Signalman (1) Silent Knight (1) Silky Cernak (1) Silver Scarab (2) Silver Swan (2) Simon Stagg (1) Simple Simon (1) Sinestro (3) Sir Butch (1) Sir Traytor (1) Sivana (3) Sky Pirate (1) Skylark (1) Slim (1) Slingshot (1) Snake (1) Snapper Carr (1) Sniper (1) Sno-Supermen (1) Socialites (21) Solaris (1) Soldiers (6) Solomon Grundy (1) Son of Vulcan (1) Sonar (1) Space Ranger (1) Specialists (1) Spectre (5) Speedy (3) Spider Widow (1) Spinner (1) Spirit King (1) Spook (1) Sportsman (1) Sportsmaster (1) Spy Smasher (4) Spy Smaster (1) Squadron of Justice (4) Squadron Supreme (1) Star Sapphire (2) Star Sapphire I (1) Star Sapphire II (4) Star Sapphire III (1) Star-Rocket Racer (1) Star-Spangled Kid (4) Star-Tzar (1) Starboy (2) Starbreaker (1) Starfinger (1) Starfire (4) Starheart (3) Starman (10) Starro (1) Steel (3) Steelclaw (1) Storm King (1) Stormy Foster (1) Streaky (1) Stretch Skinner (1) Stripesy (2) Strong Bow (2) Suicide Squad (1) Sumo (1) Sun Boy (1) Sun's Satellites (1) Sun-Eaters (1) Sunburst (1) Super Friends (3) Super-Chief (2) Super-Duper (1) Super-Menace. (1) Super-Squad (1) Super-Teacher (1) Super-Teen (1) Super-Woman (1) Superboy (8) Supergirl (28) Superman (24) Superman Emergency Squad (1) Superman Family (5) Superwoman (2) Susie Tompkins (2) Swami Riva (1) Swamp Thing (3) Swashbuckler (1) Sword (1) Symbioship (1) T.O. Morrow (2) Taia (2) Talia (1) Tannarak (1) Tao Jones (1) Tarantula (2) Tatooted Man (1) Tawky Tawny (1) Teen Titans (5) Tempus (1) Terra (2) Terra-Man (1) Tharka (1) Tharok (1) Thaumar Dhai (1) Thinker (3) Thor (2) Thunderbolt (3) Tibro (1) Tiger (1) Tigress (1) Timber Wolf (1) Time Commander (1) Time Trapper (2) Time Trust (1) Titano (1) Titans (15) TNT (4) Tommy Tomorrow (2) Top (2) Tor (1) Tornado Champion (2) Toyman (1) Trata (1) Trickster (1) Trigger Twins (1) Triplicate Girl (1) Tsunami (2) Tuatara (1) Tubby Watts (2) Turtle (1) Twice-Told-Tales (44) Two-Face (5) Tycoon of Crime (1) Typhoon (2) Tyroc (1) U-Ban (3) Ulthoon (1) Ultivac (1) Ultra Boy (1) Ultra the Multi-Alien (1) Ultra-Humanite (5) Ultra-Man (1) Ultraa (3) Uncle Sam (2) Universo (1) Untouchables (1) USA (1) Vandal Savage (8) Vartox (1) Vibe (1) Vicky Grant (3) Vigilante (1) Vigilante II (1) Vixen (1) Voice (1) Vulcan (1) Vulture-Man (1) Wanderers (1) Warlock (1) Warlock of Ys (1) Warlord (1) Water Sprites (1) Weather Wizard (1) Weeper (1) Wendy and Melvin (1) Whip (2) Whirlicane (1) Whiz Wagon (1) Wildcat (2) Wildcat II (2) Wildfire I (1) Wildfire II (1) Will Magnus (2) Windwalker (1) Wing (1) Wingo (1) Winky Blinky and Noddy (1) Witch (1) Wizard (5) Wonder Boy (1) Wonder Dog (2) Wonder Family (1) Wonder Girl (4) Wonder Twins (1) Wonder Woman (9) World Beater (1) Worry Wort (1) Wotan (1) Xenca (1) Yellow Peri (2) Yellow Wasp (1) Young All-Stars (4) Zamarons (1) Zatanna (2) Zatara (6) Zebra-Man (1) Zero (1) Zha-Vam (1) Zolar (1) Zook (1) Zor (2) Zoro (1) Zucco (1)

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