Monday, July 26, 2021

Scarlet Speedster Subdue Sinister Scops

The Owl Gang consisted of a collaboration of crooks with a specialized gimmick. First, they were each equipped with infrared projectors, enabling each gangster to see in darkness. Second, they had specialized radiance emitters that unleash unusually brilliant light upon their foes. Yet despite this technology, these sinister scops were no match for Barry Allen’s alter ego of the Flash, when they terrorized Central City of Earth-One.

Over on the parallel planet of Earth-Two, that world’s Flash aka Jay Garrick along with his allies in the Justice Society and Barry’s visiting teammates in the Justice League quickly dispatched a similar cadre of crooks in York City. Known as the Horned Owl Gang, what isn’t known is whether they were equally equipped as were their counterparts. Regardless, both Gangs were one-hit wonders of the early 1970s. Maybe they’ll reappear on TV?

Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Forgotten Foes of the Freedom Fighters: Adaptoplasm

Initially when the Freedom Fighters journeyed to Earth-X to battle the Axis Powers, their sole superpowered adversary was a fellow visitor from their native Earth-X, Baron Blitzkrieg. Once the Baron was defeated and retreated back to his home world, the Fighters evidentially faced other superpowered opponents. This includes the Adaptoplasm, which manifested from one of the German regime’s supercomputers.

This quartet were perfectly matched to correlate with the capabilities of Ray and Human Bomb of the Fighters, as well as the Justice Leaguer Batman and Justice Socialite Doctor Fate. These four synthetic super humans were their Earths version of Metamorpho and Doom Patrol members Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, and Beast Boy of Earth-One… as well Sandy the Silicon Creature as well as Slim, Pedro and Fred of Earth-Two’s Patrol.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Die Flaudermaus - Grandson of the Enemy Ace

Known primarily for being the adopted home of the Freedom Fighters, a band of mystery men from Earth-Two ventured to the hero-less Earth-X during the inception of World War II. On that planet, evidentially there was a version of the Justice Society of America... known as the JLAxis.

We learn of this from a passing remark made by some German officers who are occupying the Eiffel Tower, when they see Batman climbing up the side and exclaiming “Die Fledermaus” - “The Bat”. Note: given his human shape, they wouldn’t have mistaken him for an actual bat, and they refer to him by a proper name or title that is seemingly well known to inhabitants of this world. Given the suppression of American comics, it would not be referring to fictional retellings of the golden age Batman’s tales.

So this seemed to refer to the European version of that world, known alternatively as Leatherwing. Unlike his counterparts on other Earths, this Masked Manhunter is both ruthless and amoral, although he shares their strategic and tactical prowess. In fact, he admits to being the grandson to the “Enemy Ace” Von Hammer, who on Earth-Two had a counterpart in Charles McNider aka Doctor Mid-Nite. And the Doctor’s “closest living analogue” to himself on Earth-One was Batman, himself inspired by his world’s Von Hammer!

What became of him by the early 1970s, when the Justice Society and Justice League journeyed to Earth-X and helped liberate that world, is unknown. Perhaps they were defeated by the Freedom Fighters and left imprisoned by their adversaries and the rebel cells. If so, this was not common knowledge of the soldiers in France, at least.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Terrific Trio Supports Seven Soldiers

Shortly after an their adventure alongside the Justice Society of America, wherein they assisted them in recovering their fellow All-Stars missing since the golden age of mystery men, the Justice League returned to Earth-One. That is, all save three Leaguers who remained on Earth-Two, who were tasked with what Hawkman said was: “helping the Seven Soldiers adjust to the world of the present”! Why?

In the early 1950’s, the Seven... also known as Law's Legionnaires, gathered together for one final case as a group. On that occasion, atop the Himalayas, they along with their unofficial eight member Wing, battled the Nebula Man monster. Assembling a Nebula Rod that destroyed the create, a side effect was Wing's death, while his teammates were sent to various past time periods. From these eras, various members of the JLA and JSA retrieves the Legionnaires, bringing them back to the 20th century although decades after they disappeared. Thanks to their reappearance, the Soldiers were able to save Earth-Two!

Undoubtedly, the Society also aided the Soldiers in their transition from the 50’s to the 70's. However, those three Leaguers: Aquaman, Atom and Black Canary; these three had special purpose that necessitated their temporary presence in that alternate universe.

At least one of the Soldiers was given one-on-one assistance by a Socialite, as Starman took an immediate interest in his fellow stellar superhero, Star-Spangled Kid. In fact, when he later broke his leg, Starman lent the Kid his Cosmic Rod to use. And it would be this device, along with his knowledge of the Nebula Rod, that helped the Kid create his Cosmic Converter Belt.

The Legionnaire known as Shining Knight would have little difficulty readjusting to a new decade, as he had previously experienced a frozen sleep that lasted over a thousand years removed from his native time in Camelot. He and his flying steed Winged Victory simply acclimated to yet another new time period.

Apparently, although sent to save Star-Spangled Kid from the prehistoric past, something drew Aquaman's attention toward the Legionnaire referred to as the Vigilante. Perhaps with his telepathic abilities, the marine marvel was able to perceive some melancholy in the cowboy crusader. One thing they both had in common were beloved sidekicks who were surrogate sons, that they had grown distant from. While the emotional rift between Aquaman and his young partner Aqualad eventually mended, at the time of this tale it was still a fresh wound.

And if history parallels on both Earths, then this Vigilante would soon discover the tragedy that befell his sidekick Stuff. On Earth-One, after that Vigilante returned from a mysterious years-long absence, he learned of the death of his world's Stiff., who had been murdered by his arch-enemy the Dummy.

Another Legionnaire who may have benefited from Aquaman's positive influence would've been Stripesy, the senior partner of the Kid. Whether they had time to interact is doubtful, as Stripesy later lamented that he retreated into a new life with a wife and son on the other side of the United States... retiring from heroics.

The Atom had first encountered Legionnaire Crimson Avenger in ancient Mexico, when the hero was under the influence of a fragment of the Nebula Man. Radiating with power from the radioactive rock, Crimson Avenger had battled Atom as well as Elongated Man and Doctor Fate, until they defeated him and he regained his senses. However, there was undoubtedly a concern as to the physical effects of Avenger's close proximity to the alien substance, which Atom sought to investigate using his scientific knowledge and experience with dangerous white dwarf radiation.

And indeed, his concern was borne out, as the Crimson while traveling the world as Lee Travis, discovered he now had cancer. With time running out, he resumed his costumed career for one final adventure. Sadly, if Atom discovered the root cause, he was unable to prevent the resulting effect.

And finally, there was Black Canary, a native of Earth-Two. She would perhaps feel inclined to help Vigilante, whom she helped save from the old west. However, she would've instead sought out the Legionnaires' ace archers, Green Arrow and Speedy. And given her recent history with her adopted world's versions of the pair of bowmen, one can see why this is a logical choice for her.

Throughout the years, the romantic relationship between Canary and the Earth-One Arrow usually involved her being the voice of reason, given his stubborn and opinionate point of view on life. This made him a better man, and would carry over with his adopted ward.

That ward, Speedy, had succumbed to drug abuse and addiction, despite having a storied career alongside his mentor and as a member of the Teen Titans. Canary in her Dinah Lance identity helped the lad recover over time.

Now on her home world of Earth-Two, Dinah saw a more mild and reserved Green Arrow, and a very frightened Speedy given his experience in ancient Greece when he temporarily lost his grip on humanity. 

She seemed a stabilizing influence, as the pair retired to reclaim their lives as Oliver Queen and Roy Harper. While the Earth-One Oliver and Roy had lost the fortune that supported them, causing them to live more modest lives and persist in their masked escapades... this wasn't the case for the Earth-Two pair. Those two ex-Legionnaires never acclaim resumed their more famous alter egos, aside from the occasional reunion with their teammates and during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Although Roy felt torment later during the Crimson Avenger's funeral due to their displacement in time, he did not revert to substance abuse as had his cosmic twin. Instead, he dealt with the harsh realities life had presented him with. The Teen Titan Roy, also at a funeral, felt some indignation for the abandonment of his former guardian Oliver, and would once more become Speedy in order to prove that he had regained control of his life once more.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Last Daughters of Krypton and Brainy Boys

Well established is the romance between Supergirl and Brainiac Five, the surrogate descendant of her and Superman's adversary, the android Brainiac. On occasion, she and the original actually battled, such as on the occasion when her cousin Superman finally enlarged the last surviving city, Kandor. While doing this, Supergirl used Brainiac's shrinking ray against him, seemingly eliminating him. 

Power Girl, like her doppleganger, had dealings with the fifth Brainiac's own cosmic twin, which didn't go so well. And later on, she would also have an encounter with Ultra-Humanite... his world's version of Brainiac...when she joined Infinity, Inc.

However, a persistent mystery involved what Power Girl's connection with another "brain baddie" was... namely Brain Wave. This villain, born Henry King, had been a psychologist with the mutant mental ability to project realistic images. From this, he built devices that pulled his victims into virtual dreamworlds, as he had with the Justice Society both when he first battled them, and then later with his "Dreams of Madness" as Dr. Forest Malone. 

This occured during the early to mid 1940s, during the time period when Power Girl as Kara Zor-L was travelling through interstellar space from her doomed homeworld to the same destination her cousin Kal-L had already reached of Earth-Two. And during the same time period that a young Henry King discovered his dreaming abilities, a scientist on Krypton-Two named Zor-L had himself invented dreaming technology for his daughter's Symbioship.

It would seem that during the decades of floating through the void, in a virtual Kandor modeled after the city she and her parents had resided in before the planet's destruction, her mind at some point connected with that of Henry. While he was unaware of this, she was aware of his existence, so much so that decades later when appearing for the first time as Power Girl on her adopted world, she was already aware of Brain Wave's plans. Perhaps Henry was a virtual resident of Kara's Dreamworld Kandor, without even being aware of it. This city was so real, that an Earth-One Kal-El... Superman... could relate to Power Girl the experience of living amongst fellow Kandorians, knowing she had done so as well.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Transmatter Team Travelling Tales: The Final Two Times

Throughout their history, not only have the combined Justice League and Justice Society used the Transmatter Cubes for their annual gatherings, but individual members have as well. Sometimes, this has led to disasterous results, such as when the Supermen used a damaged Cube to save Earth-One from the alien Krogg and to save the Earth-Two Jimmy Olsen's life. And soon after, when Green Arrow and Black Canary used that same League Cube to travel to Earth-Two, and helped undo an alternate past created by Mark Ronsom the Ravager during World War II. Then there was the time Black Canary returned to Earth-Two to warn the Society about the Adjudicator. Each time, the Cube played a part.

Back in the present, once more the League hosted the Society for that year's gathering, only this time the event was interrupted by Earth-One's criminal Johnny Thunder who used his counterpart's Thunderbolt to immobilize all superheroes on that world. Thankfully, this provided the loophole necessary for the visiting Earth-Two heroes to avoid this same attack, and the Society along with former members Black Canary and Red Tornado aided them in defeating both Thunder and his Crime Champions. On this occasion, Canary learned that the person she thought she was... the Canary of the Justice Society, was actually her now dead mother. Shortly before passing, that Canary asked that her memories be transplanted into the mind of her decades-long comatose daughter, to give her the life denied her due to tragedy.

Following the invasion of Martian forces upon Earth-One, the remaining Justice League members ventured onboard the now destroyed Satellite in order to use the Transmatter Cube one last time to travel to Earth-Two. There, they recruited the Justice Society in helping them defeat Commander Steel and Mekanique, who had taken over their headquarters and held League member Steel hostage. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Satellite would finally be destroyed along with its Cube, although the Justice Society's Cube remained in good repair despite nearly being destroyed by Vulcan Son of Fire.

In the history of the annual Justice League / Justice Society teamups, the first ten team-ups transpired during specific times each year when they could traverse to the others' Earth. During this period, at times they would visit one another such as versus the original Crime Champions, the Anti-Matter Man, and Solomon Grundy. 

During their second meeting, the League visited Earth-Two to help the Society defeat Earth-Three's Crime Syndicate... in the third occasion, the Society returned the favor by travelling to an Earth-One transformed into Earth-A to battle the new Lawless League. Sometimes, such as versus T.O. Morrow and Creator2, both teams worked on the same case without actually meeting.

Then there were three occasions when the Society enlisted the aid of the League on Earth-Two to assist them in defeating threats such as the Black Sphere villains, Aquarius and the Iron Hand.

Once they employed use of the Transmatter Cubes, the League and Society attempted trading members to the other's headquarters for two simultaneous gatherings on both Earths, only to have these interrupted by sidetrips to Earth-X and New Genesis.

On one occasion, the Society hosted the League at the mansion of Earth-Two's Sandman, during the case wherein they learned of the tragic tale involving Sandy the Golden Boy.  On another occasion, the League hosted the Society at a fancy restaurant in Earth-One's Gotham City, which was interrupted by the Lord of Time and his five time lost heroes-turned-minions.

The League took an unplanned trip to Earth-Two during a case involving Cary Bates and the Injustice Society, while the Society took an unplanned trip to Earth-One to track down Psycho-Pirate and help their friends defeat Mordru. Another tale, not involving the Cubes at all, resulted in both teams working alongside the Squadron of Justice from Earth-S to save all three Earths.

The remaining actual gatherings of the League and Society seemed to favor the two groups meeting onboard the Satellite orbiting Earth-One. Such as during the death of Mister Terrific, the attack of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, the invasion of the Crime Syndicate (although in an alternate timeline, the League traveled to the Society's earlier headquarters to thwart Degaton's scheme), and the aforementioned battle with an evil Johnny Thunder. The final meeting prior to the Crisis, involving Commander Steel, had both groups travel to the other's world briefly.

So in the final estimation, both with and without the Cubes, their creators equally ventured to Earth-One and Earth-Two... for the League to aid their friends, for the Society to party with their pals.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Transmatter Team Travelling Tales: More Delayed Detours

Continued usage of their Transmatter Cubes by the Justice League and Justice Society for their annual meetings just as often led to detours instead of relaxing parties on each others Earth. A year after their tragic last meeting, when JSA member Mr. Terrific lost his life at the hands of his arch-enemy onboard the League's Satellite, their next gathering led these teams to another dimension.

In a seeming replay of their inadvertent trip to Earth-X, four Leaguers and four Socialites were pulled to the world of New Genesis rather than one another's headquarters. Recruited by Metron with the goal of aiding he and his allies, the eight heroes joined forces with Terrific's counterpart Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Oberon and Orion. Together, these three teamss combined to thwart the machinations of Apokolips, the planet intent on reviving their exiled master Darkseid. As a result, these champions saved Earth-Two's very existence, which was threatened by Darkseid and his minions of that world's Injustice Society. These villains had planned to transport Apokolips into Earth-Two's universe, which would result in the destruction of Earth-Two itself! Presumably after this adventure, the groups resumed their festivities back at their original destinations.

As seemed to now be the custom, every other year, when not exchanging a handful of each team's members - transporting them to the other team's base, the Justice League hosted the Justice Society onboard their Satellite. And this time, the gathering was a success, without interruption. Following some reminiscing, each group returned to their homeworld filled with happy memories. Except for Leaguer Black Canary, recalling past memories of Earth-Two where she was from, or rather memories implanted from her mother's own recollections (which she would learn two years later). Processing these somewhat melancholy thoughts, Canary found herself attacked by the evil Mist who snuck onboard the Satellite. She and other members of the JLA and JSA were captured by the Mist and his allies of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, trapping them in an interdimensional limbo. 

However, the Earth-One members of the Secret Society sought revenge upon their Earth-Two colleagues, who had betrayed them. Using the same Transmatter Cube, those supervillains were able to journey to limbo and free the JLA and JSA, which then journeyed to the Ultra-Humanite's Secret Citadel to defeat he and the remaining supervillains.

The subsequent year, five members of the Justice Society used their Transmatter Cube to travel once more to the League Satellite, but this time their detour led them to Earth-Prime. There, they traded places with the visiting Crime Syndicate of Earth-Three, whom time traveller Per Degaton used in his latest scheme for world conquest. After journeying to the early 1940s wherein the League and Society teamed up with that era's All-Star Squadron, the heroes defeated Degaton and the Syndicate. This led to history reverting to a new timeline, where the Society heroes Transmatter travel led them to a now peaceful gathering with the League on the Satelllite.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Crimefighters' Calculating Computers of the JLA and JSA

After their initial years working in a pre-automatic climate, with the advant of increased technology, both the Justice League and Justice Society developed their own unique computers to aid them in their costumed crimefighter careers. In the years that followed, these instruments would be essential, indeed instrumental, in these twin teams' successful missions, and would on occasion even be used in conjunction with one another across the dimensional barrier when needed.

The first of these groups to develop their own computer was the Justice Society, spurred on by their resident chemist and amateur hardware engineer, Hourman. Known primarily for his work in the field of chemical conconctions while with his former employer Bannermain Chemical, which he would later acquire and renamed Tyler Chemical, Rex Tyler produced his revolutionary "Crime-Caster" which could calculate different probabilities as to crime that he... as Hourman... would have to combat alongside his fellow JSA members. This device was first used simultaneous to the appearance within their brownstone base of an alien entity, the Tornado Champion, that had merged together with the android Red Tornado which joined the Society. As to the Crime-Caster, it would become the basis for T.O. Morrow's future computer.

Soon afterward, following the exposure of their initial secret headquarters by the Joker, the Justice League created a new Satellite headquarters orbiting Earth-One. And to operate this mobile base, League members Superman and Hawkman pooled their Kyrptonian and Thanagarian technology, creating the Justice League Computer. However, as with it's Earth-Two doppleganger, this computer was introduced simultaneous with base of an alien entity, a Dharlu, which had been encased in moon-rocks that were experimemented upon by S.T.A.R. Labs. Traveling with Leaguers Flash and Hawkman to the Satellite, it attempted to retrofit the Satellite into a space vessel that would take it to its extra-terrestrial place of origin.

The Justice League were able to overpower the Dharlu, and while doing so realized that its prescence within their computer helped it to function correctly. It seemed that the sensitive circuity within the computer were destabilized, however creature was able to correct this flaw. And so, for years thereafter, the Dharlu stayed in frozen suspended animation imprisoned within the Satellite, although on one occasion it was temporarily freed before being captured by Wonder Woman.

As previously mentioned, the two groups on occasion used their computers in conjuction, such as when they were attempting to track down the killer of JSA member Mister Terrific onboard the Satellite. Given that both devices networked seemlessly, it seems that the Society's Computer with 100% Earth-based technology was superior to the melding of the Leaguer's hybrid system that was their Computer. It is unknown if the Dharlu survived during this case, as the evil Roger Romaine sabotaged it... causing it to explode in order to cover up his complicity in the hero's death. If the being did survive, undoubtedly it perished following the destruction of the Satellite during a Martian invasion of Earth-One.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Transmatter Team Travelling Tales: Twin Tales of Tragedy

The next couple of meetings between the Justice League and Justice Society were actual parties, where the heroes and heroines could sit down to a nice dinner, and enjoy themselves. Well, at first, until two cunning criminals from each of their worlds complicated things.

The first of these was a dinner hosted by the Justice League for their Justice Society compatriots at the exclusive 22 Club in Earth-One's Gotham City. Hosting an impressive array of members from each team, those gathered enjoyed this occasion until time-lost minions sent by the Lord of Time crashed their party. Inflicting most of the members with chronal energy which caused them to be comatose, only a handful of Leaguers and Socialites remained unaffected.

Tracking the five pawns of the Time Lord (Viking Prince, Black Pirate, Miss America, Jonah Hex and Rittsmeister Hans Von Hammer... the Enemy Ace) through time and space, the twin teams were able to destroy the villain's Eternity Brain which threated the existence of all time. Then, using the Green Lantern's power rings, the radiation effecting the heroes was removed. 

However, the next gathering of the Society and their friends, this time aboard the League's Satellite, was not so forgiving. At first, the evening showed promise, as individual members of both teams spent time in small talk, catching up on each others' lives. From the Society's Chairman Hawkman complimenting new member Zatanna, who served as temporary Chairwoman for this event... to Hawkman and Doctor Fate discussing the fields of archaeology they both have a passion for... two the career tracks of the two Green Lanterns... all seemed well.

However, Mister Terrific joined his Society colleagues this time, tracking down his old foe Roger Romaine who had infilitrated the gathering and mentally controlled one of those present. During this conversation, it was discovered that Jay Garrick aka the Flash  had a recent encunter with Romanine, having dealt him a humbling defeat.

Seeking to cover up his presence while also having revenge against two of his enemies, Romaine slayed Terrific while pinning the blame on Power Girl using manufactured evidence placed on the scene. Both Zatanna and Huntress attempted to uncover the true cultrpit, and each were attacked by their unseen adversary. Zatanna was stunned into a temporary comatose state when she came close to learning the truth. Following this, Batman and Huntreess used their deductive abilities to unravel the case before them.

To aid her in this process, the Huntress used the Justice League Computer within the Satellite, and tied it in with the Justice Society Computer in their Gotham City brownstone base using the Transmatter Cube to transmit signals between them. As she learned the truth, the Huntress succumbed to the exploding computer, sabotaged by Romaine's unwitting agent. 

Creating an invicible barrier around the Satellite to prevent any of them from escaping before finding Romaine, once he was revealed Roger used the Earth-Two Flash to help him escape. How? Through the same Transmatter Cube that the Society used to travel to the League's universe! Leaving using the same device, the Society recovered Flash on their native homeworld, although they were unable to locate Romaine.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Transmatter Team Travelling Tales: Across Space and Time

After a tale wherein the Justice League and Justice Society were recruited to aid Earth-S' Squadron of Justice on all three Earths, where the Cubes were unnecessary, the next meeting between these twin teams involved pursuing the sinister Psycho-Pirate across the Multiverse.

The Pirate had used undisclosed means to travel to Earth-One, where he created a secret base that would later be used by his allies in the Secret Society of Super-Villains in the hills outside of Metropolis. Having mentally controlled both Green Lantern and the Flash, which he used as paws against their teammates, the trio escaped the Justice Socity on Earth-Two to his mountainous retreat. Presumably using their own Transmatter Cube, the remaining  Justice Society members followed both Pirate and his pawns, capturing Psycho and helping Flash and the Lantern to recover their sanity.

Needing a way to return to Earth-Two, the Society transported to the League's satallite headquarters with their immobilized adversary. While not intending to stay for a prolonged visit, the Society were kept detained on the satellite when Leaguer Green Arrow disabled the Cube's controls, wanting his extra-dimensional pals stay for an inpromptu party. 

This event never ended up happening, as the sinister Mordru grabbed all the Leaguers present as well as all the Society there except for Wildcat and Star-Spangled Kid, who were left to tend to the Pirate until the twin teams returned.

While this tale ended in triumph, the next involving the Transmatter Cube would sadly end in tragedy...

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Transmatter Team Travelling Tales: A Couple of Crazy Capers

Following their first use of the twin Transmatter Cubes, a few members of the Justice League presumably used it months afterwards to visit their Justice Society allies. At some point during their visit, the two teams were called upon to thwart a crime being committed by the Horned Owl Gang at York City Museum. After thwarting these costumed crooks, they followed the Sandman to his penthouse headquarters, in order to help him track down the mutated misunderstood menace of the Silicoid Man (formerly Sandy Hawkins).

While the Cube was not seen during this tale, it would stand to reason that the League used their device to transport to  the Earth-Two headquarters of the Society, via their own Cube. As to whether these heroes had opportunity to relax and enjoy one another's company before their encounter at the Musuem, or after they caught up with Sandy when he explained how he tried to prevent a massive earthquake, is not known. If they had, it was a melancholy gathering as they... and Sandman... learned of the tragedy behind Sandy's transformation and years long sleep in his silicon form.

Before these teams could plan another party together, they were once more brought together by a crisis, this time in the form of two displaced comicbook writers from Earth-Prime. One of these, Cary Bates, accidentally traveled to Earth-Two using the Flash's Cosmic Threadmill. The other writer, Elliot Maggin, then used the same means to journey to Earth-One to recover his coworker. In the League's Satellite headquarters, after appraising them of the situation, they together traveled to the Society's Earth... undoubtedly using the Cube once more. There the twin teams defeated the Injustice Society, who had been manipulating Bates, after which they returned home.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Transmatter Team Travelling Tales: The Beginning

Throughout the first ten crossovers between the Justice League and Justice Society, their tales involved facing various threats to their twin Earths... from supervillain gangs such as the Crime Champions to the Black Sphere Villains... to evil versions of theirs from alternate Earths like the Crime Syndiate and the Lawless League... to existential threats from the cosmos such as the Anti-Matter Man and Creator2. During these adventures, on occasion the heroes would visit each others headquarters, such as when the Society ventured to the League's headquarters in their first meeting to free their colleagues...  and when the League were summoned to the Society's headquarters to help combat parasitic life forms from another universe.

However, it was only during their eleventh meeting that the two teams intentionally planned to vist each other's headquarters for planned social events. Three Leaguers and three Socialites were sent via the newly developed Transmatter Devices to the other's world. However, the presence of the android Red Tornado... seeking to return to his homeworld Earth-Two after a brief existential exile to Earth-One, threw both devices off balance. As a result, seven heroes from these worlds were sent to a third in Earth-X, wherein they met and then joined forces with the Freedom Fighters. There, they helped the FF to extinguish the Nazi threat that conquered that planet. After this tale, the displaced heroes were able to contact their respective Earths, which modified the Transmatter Cubes to retrieve the four Leaguers and three Socialites. Persumably, the heroes carried on in their festivities with each other.

Nevertheless, this was just the start of several gatherings that the Justice teams would have in the years that followed, thanks in no small part to this revoluntary invention. While as before, only cosmic crisises at certain times of the year brought the groups together, now they could cement the bonds of friendship at any time, which they would do annually.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Twice-Told-Tales: Tyrannical Tales of T.O. Morrow

Originally a foe of the Flash and Green Lantern... in order to escape defeat at their hands, T.O. Morrow traveled to Earth-Two. There, he used his 4th-dimension grapple beam and future monitor to pluck devices of later eras into his time period. Among these was a sentient computer based on Hourman's Crime-Caster, which created androids to battle the Justice Society and Justice League.

For the Society, Morrow utilized faceless android assassins, for the League, he used replicas of the League's love interests. Encountering these automatons, five Leaguers and Socialites were placed in a death-like coma due to exposure to Morrow's Futur-Energy. And a key factor in his grand scheme was the creation of the android Red Tornado, implanted with false memories and thus believing himself to be the original Red Tornado who had tried to join the Society decades earlier. Due to his unpredictable nature, the Tornado's attempts at saving his fellow members would backfire against them.

On Earth-Two, Morrow's atomic clouds... used in the theft of ancient artifacts at the 20th Century museum... mixed with radiation from Starman's cosmic rod animated four giant Egyptian statues in the forms of a cat, eagle, ram and lion. 

While Tornado was able to defeat this quartet with his vortex powers, their potential perhaps inspired Morrow into creating equally massive animal pawns in the form of a dragon, a griffin, a man-monster, and a new incarnation of the classic JLA foe Starro the telepathic starfish from space within the League's Cave headquarters.

Unlike the four statutes that faced the Society, the four beasts on Earth-One took considerable effort for the League to defeat, although they like their Society counterparts succumbed to the Futur-Energy. Now all of Morrow's foes were disabled... except one!

And that one, Red Tornado, fought against his programming... tracking the radiation from his master's weaponry back to Earth-One. There, he found the immobilized Leaguers, and surmised from Morrow's own recordings how to save them. Using the real love interests of the five Leaguers initially captured to revive them through "a kiss", they accompanied Red Tornado to the secret base of T.O. Morrow. 

There, in dimensional Limbo between the two universes, Morrow planned to start a war between his native Earth-One and adopted Earth-Two. Beaming energy-rays into both worlds designed to agitate their inhabitants and then opening portals between both planets that would cause chaos on each. The villian theorized that by doing this, he would ultimately be the victory. However, his own computer calculated that the only way he could be defeated is by the intervention of his greatest creation, the Red Tornado!

After Red Tornado and the five Leaguers overcame the sinister scientist's synthetic army and destroyed his equipment, they captured Morrow and returned with him to Earth-One. There, Tornado used a rifle powered with the Futur-energy to restore mobility to the remaining Leaguers.

Following this, Tornado then journeyed back to Earth-Two where he did the same for the Justice Society, updating them on what had transpired. At this point, the awesome android proved both his naivite and his ingenuity... leading to him being granted a probationary membership into the Justice Society. However, over the years, Red Tornado never truly felts as if he fit in with this team, and when ultimately sacrificing his life to save Earth-Two from the Iron Hand.. he ended up pulled back to Earth-One where he would adopt the alter ego of John Smith and join the Justice League as a long-serving and honored member.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Twice-Told-Tales: Fabulous Females Fight Fantastical Fiends

In February of 1982, a full three years before the onset of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, another crisis beset four of those Earths in the form of the alien Adjudicator... and his four cosmic creations that would seek to purge this quartet of parallel planets of all life he deemed unworthy.

An exiled member of a powerful extra-terrestrial race, who journeyed to different world's within the universe of Earth-One, the Adjudicator first encountered Wonder Woman while attempting to appraise that world as to its value. After defending Washington D.C. from his potent prescence, and then retreating, Wonder Woman sought counsel from her allies of the Justice League of America... as well as Supergirl... as she ascertained that Adjudicator would return to threaten humanity.

In addition, she perceived that the Adjudicator learned of Earths in other universes, and that those worlds would also be in danger. Hence, fellow League member Black Canary traveled to her home world of Earth-Two through a transmatter device to enlist the aid of her old allies, the Justice Society of America. While most of the JLA were able to assemble on their Satellite headquarters high above Earth-One, where Wonder Woman explained the quandry they were facing, only a fraction of the JSA were able to meet together to hear a similar update from the visiting Black Canary.

After dispersing following these impromptu meetings, as had the League, only Society members Huntress and Power Girl remained with Black Canary at their Civic City brownstone headquarters. Why the JSA met there rather than their standard newer Justice Society base of operations, is unknown. What is known is that soon thereafter, Adjudicator dispatched an agent representing famine to Calcutta, India of Earth-One, and another agent representing pestilence to Atlanta, Georgia of Earth-Two. Thankfully, Wonder Woman and Zatanna protected India, while Black Canary along with Power Girl and Huntress defended Georgia... with both teams of heroines defeating their fiendish foes. Seeing that both Earths had plenty of protectors, Adjudicator ventured to two other worlds to test them out.

On Earth-X, Supergirl alongside that world's Phantom Lady... herself originally also native to Earth-Two... along with another ally defeated the agent of war. As Earth-X was a wartorn world for decades under Nazi rule, this was seen by the Adjudicator as an appropriate test. Finally, on Earth-I, the New Teen Titans Wonder Girl and Starfire of Earth-One guarded that world from the final agent, representing death. As all residents of that world are immortal, this would likewise be a test on that world's inhabitants, one they endured.

Following this, all these heroines that participate in these adventures were drawn together by the Adjudicator, who confronted them all. During the battle, the aggressive alien pondered at his own origins and that of his people, which drew members of his race to his space vessel where he and the wonder women were. Seeing him as insane, the Adjudicator's own people summoned him aways to incarcerate him, thus saving humanity from a cosmic threat. At least, for a few more years.

While the Earth-Two Wonder Woman wasn't present during this tale, she likewise faced her world's version of the Adjudicator decades previous, and likewise proved victorious.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sinster Satellite's Secret - Strange Scheming Scientists?

As a new decade began to unfold, the start of their second decade of existence, the Justice Society of America were suddently confronted with a strange mystery. An unidentified man, his face appearing within a floating orb, directed the Society to a grand gift... a new headquarters in the form of a massive satellite!

Innocently entering the orbiting vessel, the Society soon learned that this was in fact a trap, devised by an unknown enemy to entomb them in space indefinitely. This wasn't a new idea, Adolph Hitler enlisted his chief engineer Gootsden to ensnare individual members of the Justice Society in missles, rocketing them to various planets in the solar system. Why he choose this means of disposing of his masked foes is unknown... and ultimately this proved ineffective as each member returned to their home world.

Nevertheless, a brilliant mastermind enlisted the financial aid of a consortium of gang leaders from across the country to back his plan, sealing the Society in specialized cages. Yet despite meticulous planning, this scheme proved unsuccessful, as the Society found a way together to free themselves, returning the satellite to Earth-Two.

However, they soon learned that there were multiple layers to this scheme, as the man behind their faux-headquarter in space was in fact a "foreign agent". When the heroes were subpoened into appearing before a congressional hearing, they learned that their tenuous association with their former jailer caused their government to be suspcious of their own true alliances. When confronted with a demand to reveal their secret identities, the Justice Society refused and instead retired from their costumed careers. They returned to active duty years later, after political pressure died down.

Yet still the mystery remained... who supplied their mustached foes with the advanced technology to create a satellite base of operations? In the early part of 1942, some of the Society members... including Hawkman and Atom... had encountered a group of international scientists with both the genius and financial means to construct a massive flying Eye vessel, which they intended to use as a psuedo-alien threat to the entire world, uniting them together and pulling them out of their internal conflict in World War II. However, one of their number, Anton Hastor, took control of this Eye craft, seeking to use it to conquer the world himself. Hawkman and the All-Star Squadron were able to stop Hastor's evil efforts, and when last seen the eye craft was in possession of the American government. What became of it, and of its inventors? 

Well, the chief architect behind both the vessel and the scheme behind it was millionaire inventor Elwood Napier - who later used his intellect to create another advanced vessel. Under the influence of aliens, he briefly become the Conqueror and battled the Justice Society. Most likely, one of his former confederates refabricated the Eye, in whole or in part, into the JSA satellite in concert with politicans and gangsters alike... each opposed to the Justice Society's existence. 

As to what became of the Satellite headquarters of the early 1950s, it appears that it was repurposed and became the JSA Sky-Rocket used in the 1970s by the Justice Society during adventures concurrent with the Cary Bates/Injustice Society incident (when some of Society members were "on a mission in space"), and when they battled Brain Wave and Per Degaton.

And, unlike other satellite bases such as the Earth-712 Squadron Supreme's "Rocket Central" and Earth-One's Justice League satellite, this brief base was barely a footnote in the otherwise illustrious history of the World's First Super-Team.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Crimson Comets' Lost Lady Loves

Iris West Allen and Joan Williams Garrick were well known for their legendary romances with the Flashes of Two Worlds, as were other examples of legendary loves such as Superman and Lois Lane, Batman and Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. But for every heartfelt coupling, there were also tales of tragic relationships. 

Both Hal Jordan and Alan Scott had a litany of loveaffairs such as with Carol Danvers and Irene Miller, Olivia Reynolds and Molly Mayne. Alan and Molly found their way back to each other after decades apart. Sadly, Hal and Carol were torn apart by their alter egos.

While Joan and Jay Garrick, the original Flash, remained together to have long lives in love... the modern Flash, Barry Allen, lost his wife Iris when his arch foe Professor Zoom murdered her. After dealing with his loss, Barry fell in love with neighbor Fiona Webb. However, before they could wed, Zoom once more tried to ruin Allen's love life. In order to protect his bride, Flash in the spur of the moment accidentally slain Zoom. As a result, Barry disappeared while his alter ego tried to clear his name of the murder charge against the Flash.

The Fiona of a parallel world, Gloria Giles, was the fiancee of Hank Heywood, until Hank adopted the alias of Steel when his life was saved by her father's bio-retardant formula. Gaining superhuman abilities including enhanced speed, Steel became an early "mystery man" of Earth-Two, as superheroes were then known.

Objecting to Steel's exploits and Hank's military career, Professor Giles insisted that Hank sever his ties with Gloria. Honoring Giles' dying wish, he and Gloria parted.

Other romances, while sincere and on firm foundations, were torn apart by circumstances beyond the couple's control. Such was the case for John Smith, the super-fast android known as Red Tornado, and his unemployment advisor turned girlfriend Kathy Sutton. Seeing how lost John seemed, in fact he had been stranded on her Earth-One when he saved his native Earth-Two from a cosmic calamity, Kathy formed a bond that touched Smith's artificial heart. Over the years, these two would draw close together, only be be pulled apart due to the Tornado's heroic career. This first occured when Red Tornado was temporarily destroyed while facing the alien Nekron, although once he is restored to synthetic life by the omnious Construct, Smith seeks out Kathy once more. Revealing his true nature, she accepts him and together they adopt the orphaned middle-eastern girl,Traya. For a few years, the three form a familial bond, until the Crisis on Infinite Earths, when the Anti-Monitor once more has Red Tornado destroyed, in order to unlease the Tornado Tyrant inside him. In some alternate futures, he once more becomes John Smith and reunited with Kathy.

Then there was the Earth-Two version, Kathy Kulhammer, daughter of a congressman. Although romantically attached to publisher Edward Runyon, this Kathy began to form feelings for Steel. However, before she could meet his alter ego Hank, Heywood was pulled into a secret mission in Europe which kept him away for years. Eventually, Steel left for Earth-One, while this Kathy presumably continued her relationship with Runyon.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Twice-Told-Tales: Priceless Japanese Folk Art

Persepctive plays a role in how one perceives art, in its value among different pairs of eyes. Such is the case with a vase and sculpture from ancient Japanese culture, now in America.

The vase had been stolen from the museum it was donated to, leading the Japanese sword-weilding heroine Katana into tracking it down and return it to its current rightful owners. Museum owners are more noble than common crooks who stole it for profit. And Katana's law-abiding disposition was what led her to being a member of Batman's Outsiders of Earth-One.

The scultpure in the possession of a wealthy art dealer led to the Japanese sword-weilding assassin Nightingale into tracking it down in order to retrieve it. After a couple confrontations with the Huntress of Earth-Two, Nightingale was finally defeated, after which she exposed the sculpture as a fake, leading to the arrest of the "owner" as well as Nightingale.

Initially, Katana and Batman were at odds with one another, as the former wished to seek vengeance on those who caused the deaths of her husband and children. Skilled in the martial arts and in swords-play, Tatsu Yamashiro adopted the masked alter ego of Katana and first encountered the Caped Crusader and his allies Black Lightning and Metamorpho in the country of Markovia. When they along with young amnesiac Halo and the Markovian Prince Brion aka Geo-Force teamed up to defeat that land's current dictator and liberate the rightful rulers, they decided to remain together as the Outsiders. Moving into businessman Bruce Wayne's Gotham City penthouse, Tatsu would become a guardian of the Halo, and help the former Violet Harper in regaining her life after losing her memory. Katana would also finally track down her brother-in-law, who caused the deaths of her family. She remained a heroine.

The backstory of Seiji Kato was more a mystery. A professional onnagata performer, who was touring America with his troupe when he learned of the supposed stolen sculpture, Kato made his first appearance as Nightingale. Appearing to be a female assassin, in reality Kato was motivated by vengeance upon those whom her perceived had stolen from his native culture, and sought to recover precious items. At first meeting Helena Wayne on a few occasions, once while costumed, Kato proved adept in both the martial arts and swords-play. Unlike her "Uncle" Bruce and Tatsu amiable relationship, Helena and Seiji remained opponents, including when Kato adopted the alias of Sonia Sato... who as Judomaster pretended to join Huntress' Justice Society in order to seek vengeance upon the heroine herself.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Twice-Told-Tales: Diabolical Duplicates Detour Defenders

Arch-enemies of the Justice League and Justice Society, Doctor Destiny and Brain Wave employed various schemes in an attempt to eliminate their foes. On one such occasion, during their second outing against these teams of Justice, the two devious doctors created demented duplicates of the heroes that would do their bidding. These twice-told-tales followed several similar events: 1.) doctors deploying dream dupes, 2.) these rogue replicas were evil versions of the originals, 3.) good and evil versions of each team battled one another, 4.) the girlfriends of the Atoms were involved in these tales.

Doctor Destiny created the Materiopticon, with the ability to materialize the dreams of others. Through this, he spawned a Super-Atom, Super-Aquaman, Super-Batman, Super-Flash, Super-Green Arrow, Super-Green Lantern, Super-J'onn J'onzz, Super-Superman and a Super-Wonder Woman. Each of these superior versions committed crimes, and were able to overpower the originals. Unable to proof in a court of justice that they weren't the culprits, despite being defended by Atom's girlfriend lawyer Jean Loring, the Justice League were exiled into space. However, the Leaguers returned to Earth-One under their civlian alter egos, except for Aquaman. Although still unable to overcome the duplicates, the Atom is able to enter their bodies causing them to lose control of their bodily movements. Once they prove their innocence, the Justice League reappear in costume, and Doctor Destiny was jailed.

Brain Wave developed through his his own mutant mental abilities projected images to assist his minions in crimes, each thwarted by the Justice Society. While the male members were thus busy, Wonder Woman led the girlfriends of the team including Atom's girlfriend Mary James to Brain Wave's lair, where the ladies wore costumes modeled after their boyfriends. Arriving at the villain's lair, they were overcome by image clones of the Justice Society: faux-Atom, faux-Doctor Fate, faux-Doctor Mid-Nite, faux-Hawkman, faux-Johnny Thunder, faux-Sandman, faux-Spectre, faux-Starman. Soon after, the originals arrived, overpowered Brain Wave and freed the women.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Twin Tales of Joan Lincoln: The Reporter... The Scientist

An excellent case study into how life paths can diverge radically between dopplegangers, and yet still have common elements, is illustrated in the lives of Joan Lincoln.

On Earth-Two, psychologist Joan Lincoln sought to restore the comatose mind of Nicholas Lucien aka Brimstone, who decades earlier battled Batman. In fact, Joan's serum also gave Lucien the ability to temporarily transplant his mind in his Earth-One counterpart. She continued to treat Lucien.

On Earth-One, reporter Joan Lincoln first appeared when a series of bombings gripped Gotham City in fear. Ultimately, it was revealed that it was businessman Nicholas Lucien, controlled by his cosmic twin seeking revenge against Batman, After Lucien was brought to jsutice, Lincoln next reported on a story of a sea life park protected by Geo-Force from a metallic meance, and later reported on the abduction of a space shuttle by the evil Kobra.

What makes one Joan a scientist at a prison, seeking to aid those locked within its walls, while another Joan as a reporter seeks to cover such criminals' stories? Undoubtedly there are decision each woman made in her life that led to separate outcomes, yet tied them back to the superheroes in their community.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Sensational Siblings Stymie Stellar Stars

Baran and Selinda Flinders were a pair of siblings on Earth-One, each born a mutant with superhuman abilities manifested during their adolscence. Born and living their early lives in Australia, these powers become well known amongst their community, causing alienation with other children and ostracization with adults. When torments, they each used their powers to strike back at youths who torment them.

The brother, Baran, possessed immeasurable super strength in additional to virtual invulnerability, due to his particularly dense body mass. As a side effect of this condition, he appears to be mentally shunted and needs his sister to emotionally ground him. As for the sister, Selinda, she possesses the ability to transmute elements in her immediate vicinity from one substance into another. However, she is limited as the effects of her power are temporary, and have also manifested in her emotionally volatile personality.

Due to fears from the community towards their children, and the vengeful attitude the siblings displayed toward their neighors as a result, the Flinders' parents brought the pair into the care of noted genetic scientist Dr. Helga Jace. Jace attempted to teach the youths moral principles to govern their use of there abilities. However, instead of applying these, Selinda and Baran decided to become supervillains.

As young adults, Baran adopted the alter ego of Mammoth, and Selinda the alias of Shimmer. Their escapades brought them to the attention of Doctor Light, who sought to assemble the Fearsome Five to battle Starfire and her fellow New Teen Titans. There they followed team leader and mind-master, Psimon.

On Earth-Two, another pair of siblings had been adopted into the wealthy Pemberton family, who sought to provide companionship for their only son Sylvester. The parents, John and Gloria, believed their son had emotional problems as a result and thus left himself prone to self-injury. In reality, Sylvester was secretly the Star-Spangled Kid who... along with family chaffeur and mechanic Pat Dugan as the Stripesy... were members of the Law's Legionnaires.

Breezy was the first to be adopted, having saved the life of Sylvester which endeared him to the elder Pembertons. Shortly thereafter, the lad discovered that his new step-brother was a masked superhero, and sought to join he and Pat on their adventures. As he was older, although diminutive compared to Sylvester, Breezy only lived with the Pembertons for a few years before moving out. Breezy would later have a son, Arthur, who after his death would become the villianous leader of Strike Force who battled Star-Spangled Kid and the Justice Society.

Merry was adopted a few years later, and after discovering Sylvester and Pat's secret alter egos, joined them as the superheroine known as Gimmick Girl. She would continue her crimefighting after the pair disappeared for decades during the last adventure of the Legionnaires. Still later, Merry met and fell in love with the mind-master Brain Wave, aka Henry King. Together they wed and sired a son who would become a superheroic Brain Wave Junior, who would battle the superstrong Brain Wave image, created by Henry Senior. This red haired faux-foe of Sylvester took the place of now deceased red haired Breezy, now that King was a brother-in-law of Merry's brother.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Greedy Gadget Garbed Goons

While not a notable as other members of either the Fearsome Five or the Pemberton Family, Mikron O'Jeneus and Arthur Pemberton who nevertheless genius gadgeteers. Both developmented revoluntary weaponry which they used as Gizmo and Number One. While Mikron as Gizmo was only a member of the Five, Arthur as Number One led the Strike Force.

While Mikron and his allies employed a handful of henchmen for the Five, Arthur employed a dozen for his Force. Among these was the counterparts of the TNT Trio, three henchmen of Lex Luthor who faced Superman on occasion. Of these, one of their number Nathaniel Tryon was transformed into Neutron due to radiation exposure, and was recruited into the Five later.

The Fearsome Five were fierce foes of Earth-One's New Teen Titans, Strike Force opposed Earth-Two's Justice Society of America. Each "family of fiends" proved overmatched by their heroic opponents.

Character Profiles

711 (1) Abel (1) Abra Kadabra (3) Ace of Space (1) Ackwardman (1) Adam Strange (4) Adeline Wilson (1) Adjudicator (2) Aethyr (1) Air Wave (5) Akhet (2) Albert Zero (1) Alex Luthor (4) Alexander the Great (1) Alexei Luthor (12) Alfred (2) Alias the Spider (1) All-Star Squadron (3) All-Stars (33) Ally Babble (1) Amalek (1) Amazing-Man (1) Amazo (2) Ambush Bug (1) Amethyst (1) Angle Man (1) Ani-Men (1) Animal Man (3) Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (1) Animals (3) Annihilator (1) Answer Man (1) Anti-Life Equation (1) Anti-Monitor (2) Anton Allegro (1) Anton Hastor (1) Ape Mastermind (1) Apokolips (3) Appellaxians (9) Aquagirl (2) Aqualad (3) Aquaman (8) Aquarius (1) Archer (1) Arion Lord of Atlantis (1) Arisia (1) Armaggedon (1) Arrowette (1) Asgard (5) Astra (1) Atlanna (1) Atlantea (3) Atlantis (4) Atlena (1) Atom (12) Atom Blake (1) Atom-Master (1) Atom-Mastert (1) Atoman (2) Atomic Knight (1) Atomic Skull (4) Automan (1) Avengers (1) Axis Amerika (5) Azrael (1) B'wana Beast (1) Baby Boom (1) Badra (1) Balbo (1) Balloon Buster (1) Bannerman (1) Baron Bedlam (1) Baron Blitzkrieg (2) Baron Death (1) Barry O'Neill (1) Bart Regan (1) Bash Bashford (1) Bat Lash (3) Bat-Girl (2) Bat-Knights (1) Bat-Mite (3) Bat-Squad (1) Batgirl (11) Batman (28) Batmen of All Nations (4) Batwoman (3) Beast Boy (2) Beautia (1) Beautiful Dreamer (1) Ben Boxer (1) Betty Bates (2) Big Bear (1) Big Sur (1) Bill Baggett (1) Bill Jensen (1) Bill the Magnificent (1) Billings (1) Billy Batson (1) Billy Gunn (2) Bird-Boy (1) Bizarro (6) Bizarro Krypto (1) Black Adam (2) Black Arrow (1) Black Assassin (1) Black Barax (1) Black Bison (1) Black Canary (6) Black Cobra (1) Black Condor (1) Black Dragon Society (1) Black Flame (1) Black Hand (1) Black Jack (4) Black Knight (1) Black Lightning (1) Black Manta (4) Black Orchid (3) Black Pirate (1) Black Prophet (1) Black Racer (2) Black Shark (1) Black Spider (2) Black Templar (1) Black Widow (1) Black Zero (1) Black-Eyed Bandit (1) Blackfire (1) Blackhawk (2) Blackhawks (1) Blackrock (1) Blackstar/Blackstarr (1) Blackwing (1) Blaze Barton (2) Blimp (1) Blockbuster (2) Blok (1) Blue Beetle (5) Blue Boys (2) Blue Devil (1) Blue Lama (1) Blue Snowman (2) Blue Tracer (1) Boa (1) Bolt (1) Bombardier (1) Booster Gold (1) Boss Rupert Thorne (1) Bouncer (1) Bouncing Boy (1) Boy Commandos (4) Bozo (1) Brain (2) Brain Storm (1) Brain Wave (9) Brain Wave Junior (2) Brain-Pirate (1) Brainiac (8) Brainiac Five (4) Brainwave Junior (2) Brane Taylor (3) Breach (1) Brent Wood (1) Brickbat (1) Brimstone (1) Bron Wayn (2) Bronze Tiger (1) Brother Blood (1) Brotherhood of Evil (1) Buddak (1) Buddy Smith (1) Bug-Eyed Bandit (1) Bulletgirl (7) Bulletman (6) Bumblebee (2) Burp the Twerp (3) Bushmaster (1) Bwanna Beast (1) Byth (1) Cadre (1) Cain (1) Calculator (1) Calendar Men (1) Captain Action (1) Captain Atom (3) Captain Blimp (1) Captain Booomerang (1) Captain Carrot (1) Captain Caution (2) Captain Challenge (2) Captain Cold (2) Captain Comet (3) Captain Desmo (1) Captain Kid (2) Captain Marvel (10) Captain Marvel Junior (4) Captain Midnight (2) Captain Nazi (1) Captain Stingaree (1) Captain Thunder (1) Captain Triumph (2) Captain Venture (1) Captain X (2) Carcharo (1) Carol Ferris (2) Cary Bates (3) Catman (1) Catwoman (10) Cavalier (2) Cave Carson (2) Celcius (1) Chac (1) Chairman Dasor (1) Challengers of the Unknown (2) Chameleon Boy (3) Chameleon Chief (1) Champions of Angor (1) Chang (2) Changeling (2) Charlie Vicker (1) Cheetah (1) Chemo (1) Chequerians (1) Cheshire (1) Chief (2) Chris King (2) Chris KL-99 (1) Chroma (1) Chrona (1) Chronos (2) Chuck Grayson (2) Cinnamon (1) Cities (4) Clarice Winston (1) Clayface (2) Clea (2) Cliff Carmichael (1) Clock (2) Clock King (1) Cloudland (1) Clown (1) Cluemaster (1) Cobra (1) Colonel Future (2) Colonel Sulphur (1) Colossal Boy (1) Comet the Superhorse (1) Commander (2) Commander Blanx (1) Commander Steel (3) Commando Yank (2) Composite Superman (2) Computer (1) Computo (1) Congo Bill (2) Congorilla (1) Conqueror (3) Conscience (1) Construct (2) Controllers (1) Copperhead (1) Cory Renwald (2) Cosmic Boy (3) Cosmic Converter Belt (1) Cosmic Treadmill (1) Cosmo (1) Cotton Carson (1) Count Vertigo (1) Crazy Quilt (1) Creator2 (1) Creature Commandos (2) Creeper (1) Crime Champions (2) Crime Crusaders Club (1) Crime Doctor (2) Crime Syndicate (12) Crime-Caster (2) Crimelord (1) Crimson Avenger (4) Crimson Flame (1) Crumbler (1) Cryll (2) Cyborg (1) Cyclone (1) Cyclone Kids (1) Cyclotron (2) Daily Planet (1) Daily Star (1) Dalymr (1) Daredevils (1) Dark Angel (1) Darkseid (4) Dawnstar (1) DC Detectives (4) Deadman (1) Deadshot (2) Dean Sourpuss (1) Deathbolt (1) Deathstroke (1) Defenders (2) Dela Pharon (1) Despero (1) Destiny (1) Detective Chimp (1) Dev-Em (1) Devil's Dagger (1) Dexter Knox (1) Dial H for Hero (4) Diamond Jack (1) Dian Belmon (1) Diane Meade (1) Dmane (1) Doctor Alchemy (3) Doctor Anomaly (1) Doctor Bedlam (1) Doctor Clever (1) Doctor Cyber (1) Doctor Cyclops (1) Doctor Death (2) Doctor Destiny (3) Doctor Doog (1) Doctor Doome (2) Doctor Double-X (1) Doctor Elba (2) Doctor Elektro (1) Doctor Fate (4) Doctor Fu Manchu (1) Doctor Light (5) Doctor Love (1) Doctor Mid-Nite (5) Doctor Midnight (2) Doctor Mist (1) Doctor Moon (1) Doctor No-Face (1) Doctor Occult (4) Doctor Phosphorous (1) Doctor Poison (1) Doctor Polaris (2) Doctor Psycho (1) Doctor Spectrum (1) Doctor Thirteen (1) Doctor Tzin-Tzin (1) Doctor Weerd (1) Doiby Dickles (3) Doll Man (1) Dolphin (2) Don Drake (1) Don Quixote (1) Don-El (2) Doom Patrol (6) Doralla Kon (1) Doris Lee (2) Dove (1) Dragon (1) Dream Girl (1) Duke of Deception (1) Duke Saturno (3) Dumb Bunny (1) Dummy (1) Duo Damsel (1) Dyna-Mite (4) Dyzan (1) Earth-8 (9) Earth-Four (2) Earth-One (1) Earth-Prime (4) Earth-S (5) Earth-Two (2) Earth-X (3) Earthworm (1) Eclipso (1) Edmund Blake (1) Eeras (2) Egon (1) El Carim (1) El Castigo (1) El Diablo (1) Elasti-Girl (2) Elastic-Lad (2) Element Girl (1) Element Lad (1) Element Man (1) Eliminations Inc (1) Elliot Maggin (1) Elongated Man (2) Eltro Gand (2) Emery Zackro (1) Enchantress (1) Enemy Ace (3) Enrichetta Negrini (1) Eradicator (1) Esper Lass (1) Etrigan (1) Etta Candy (1) Evart Keenan (1) Evil Star (2) Evil Three (1) Eviless (2) Fadeaway Man (1) Fairytales Fenton (1) Fang Gow (1) Faora Hu-ul (1) Fastbak (1) Fatal Five (1) Fatman (1) Fearsome Five (6) Feathered Serpent (1) Federal Man (1) Federal Men (3) Feithera (1) Felix Faust (2) Fiddler (6) Fighters (2) Fiona Webb (1) Firebrand (4) Firebug (1) Firefly (1) Firehawk (1) Firestorm (6) Fisherman (1) Five Fingers (5) Flag (1) Flamebird (5) Flare (1) Flash (28) Floronic Man (1) Flying Fox (2) Flying Tiger (5) Fog (1) Fool (1) Forager (1) Force of July (1) Forever People (5) Forgotten Heroes (9) Forgotten Villains (1) Fourth Dimension (1) Fred (2) Freedom Brigade (2) Freedom Fighters (14) Fringe (5) Funky Flashman (1) Funny Face (6) Fury (4) Futureman (1) G.I. 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