Friday, September 14, 2018

Seven Deadly Enemies of Mankind

Although the Monster Society of Evil were the preeminent assemblage of costumed criminals on Earth-S, and the Sivana Family was the most successful group of arch-foes on that world, another sinister syndicate had a more far reaching impact. The Seven Deadly Enemies of Mankind!

Although ancient alien entities which have battled the forces of good since the days of the Champion in ancient times down to when King Kull reassembled them in the modern day to battle with Captain Marvel, these seven has human sides that caused trouble.

Led by a mysterious monocled man, this gang of seven crooked confederates consisted of men identified by their devious defining characteristics of Pride, Envy, Greed, Anger, Sloth, Gluttony and Lust. Doctor Sivana personified Pride and served as a secretary and host for his colleagues, and he like Henry "Brain Wave" King of Earth-Two were the most persistent adversaries of their worlds' greatest heroes.

Other members of the Seven Deadly Enemies likewise were the Earth-S versions of King's Injustice Society allies Wizard, Thinker, Gambler, Per Degaton, Sportsmaster, and the Icicle. The Earth-One counterpart of this amoral alliance, the Secret Society of Super-Villains, likewise bedeviled the heroes of their world. A version of this Secret Society also formed later on Earth-Two, while a less successful Injustice Gang also operated around the same time on Earth-One... each of these, like the Sivana Family, used similar methods and had the same goals. And were tangentially connected to their larger sister syndicate.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Goggled Good Guys Gabbing

Spy Smasher and Captain Midnight were remarkably similar crimefighters who operated during the same period of World War II. Each were skilled aviators, masterful inventors, daring dogooders. 

In 1943, while testing out his new aircraft, Midnight was involved with clashes versus Imperial Japanese forces in the skies. Calling out to his Secret Squadron code named "SS" on the airwaves, his transmission is received by Spy Smasher's equipment in his amazing Gyrosub vessel. Thinking the message was for him, he tracks the source and meet the Captsin.

What follows is a race around the globe to see which aircraft is the fastest on Earth-S, and have further encounters with their Japanese foes. The goggled good guys ultimately prove victorious versus their foes, parting as friends and allies.

Spy Smasher's counterpart Mister Terrific and Captain Midnight's doppleganger Doctor Mid-Nite teamed up in a case of the Justice Society of America in 1945. The Doctor was a regular meeting of the Society while Terrific was first an honorary member then later a full-fledged one.

While these Society teammates on Earth-Two didn't have fancy aircraft.. that would be owned by the Batman and Green Arrow of their world... they were just as courageous and tenacious.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Fawcett's Finest: A New Blog

While touching on the various heroes and heroines of Fawcett Comics at times throughout our examination of the DC Multiverse, two dynamic duos deserve some long overdue attention.

Bulletman and Bulletgirl, aka Jim and Susan Kent, were known as the Flying Detectives and were their own world's version of the classic Winged Wonders of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Similarly, attorney Brian Butler and his ward also had the distinction of being Gotham Guardians, as they both lived and protected a Gotham City of another Earth as Mister Scarlet and Pinky. Within the context of their reality, what became known as Earth-S, these four fearless fighters were as important as were their more famous caped and cowled contemporaries.

In fact, the Bullet pair were more successful than the Hawks as their popularity meant an ever growing family of characters, second only to the Marvel Family whom they teamed up with on occasion. As for Scarlet and Pinky, they were itinerant masked men drifting from job to job, yet maintained a wonderfully glib interaction with each other that made the best of the dwindling returns from them costumed crusades.

Largely, their vast array of adventures, adversaries, and abilities have been left untold in a modern context... until now. Join the review at Fawcett's Finest: Scarlet and Gold.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Timmy Tinkle: Tenacious Troubleshooting Tech

Timmy Tinkle was like Red Tornado and Stel a robotic creation. While it seemed his origin was benevolent, in actuality his creator had like Tornado's architect T.O. Morrow attempted to trick his unwitting victims into trusting the automaton for his own greedy gains. Inserting Timmy into television station WHIZ, the station owner Morris wholeheartedly accepted the newly "freed" robot to apply for a job there.

And in fact Tinkle performed some heroic deeds causing first news anchor Billy Batson and, soon thereafter, his superhero alter ego Captain Marvel into befriending the bot. When it was discover that Timmy has stolen items from the station, Cap was determined to disassemble the droid until he saw a radio transmitter implanted in the erratic electronic.

After capturing the culprit, the inventor himself, Tinkle was cleared of all charges and gained employment at WHIZ.

While not having massive power like Red Tornado of Earth-Two (later of Earth-One) and Stel the Green Lamtern of Earth-One's universe (later deceased), as that level of energy emissions was exhibited in another robot of Earth-S named Mister Atom who fought Captain Marvel repeatedly, Timmy Tinkle was still every bit as dynamic.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Annoying Antagonist Assemblages of Earth-S

While the two preeminent teams of super villains on Earth-S were the Sivana Family and the Monster Society of Evil, they were by far not the only ones in existence to bedevil that world's superheroes. For instance, there were the following felonious foils:

The Revenge Syndicate were a trio of tormentors for their mutual adversaries, Bulletman and Bulletgirl. They consisted of the Weeper, the Murder Prophet, and the Black Rat. Each of them has previously faced that gliding guardians in individual schemes, before realizing the benefits of joining forces. However, although each of its members attempted to lead this group on three separate capers, each time they met defeat.
Then there was six opponents of Mister Scarlet and Pinky, who joined forces under their former warden, who himself was secretly a Nazi fifth columnist seeking to use them against the country he now lived in. This man, the so-called Brain, picked Black Clown, Horned Hood, Black Thorn, Laughing Skull, the Ghost and Doctor Death. Although none of them has special powers, relying on gimmicks and duplicity, they learned that together they still were no match to the Dynamic Duo.

Similar to Flash's Rogues Gallery and the Fearsome Five/Five Fingers of Earths One and Two that faced the Fastest Men Alive and the Teen Titans/Law's Legionnaires respectively, their notoriety was less known than their contemporaries given the brief one-and-done nature of their amoral alliance.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Amazing Attractive Aquagirls

Lisa Morel was born in the Atlantis of Earth-One, but due to a genetic mutation was unable to live underwater indefinitely, and so was exiled to the surface world where the Morel family adopted her. As an adult, her powers awoke when Aquaman's life was in danger, although soon realized that her aquatic abilities were limited. After meeting her hero, Lisa returned to the surface.

Jane Sloan, an expert swimmer, was employed by bookkeeper Phil Johnson to play a mermaid and mentally torment banker Mark Windham. However, the Aquaman of Earth-Two discovered the deception and with Jane's help brought Johnson to justice. After this, she married Windham!

Of course, the most famous version of Aquagirl was the honorary Earth-One Teen Titan born Tula, of the royal family from Poseidonis, Atlantis. Aiding her boyfriend Garth aka Aqualad, this Aquagirl met her tragic end during the Crisis on Infinite Earths defending Earth-Four.

This was an identity which her Earth-Two counterpart, Lanya of Aurania never had time to adopt herself, despite meeting the teen wonder known as Robin, who saved her kingdom from a Nazi invasion and her brother's misguided decision-making as well.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Enigmatic Earth-Eight Evades Elaborate Explanations

During the Infinite Crisis, when the last surviving resident of Earth-Three... Alex Luthor... attempted to restore the original Multiverse, a hidden truth was revealed. After researching the myriad of universes that existed prior to the catastrophic chaos unleashed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Luthor kidnapped prime representatives of each reality which his Cosmic Tuning Fork would to tie into their various frequencies which would thereby recreate each reality as it was.

One heretofore unrevealed universe was that of Earth-Eight, where Timothy Zanetti, Helen Bertinelli, Kyle Raynor and Jason Rusch among others originated. It was later revealed that all characters on the prime Earth that hadn't previously appeared on Earths One, Two, S, Four or X were from Earth-Eight. This would have also included members of the 1940's Young All-Stars and their arch-enemies in Axis Amerika, each member of which correlated with several members of the Justice League and Justice Society.

It can be presumed that tales chronicling these heroes and villains on the merged post-Crisis Earth mirrored those on their original world, had it have been allowed to exist.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Terrific Trailblazer Thalfi/Thjalfi

The ancient hero known alternatively as Thalfi and Thjalfi was but a normal man of ancient Earth-S gifted with extraordinary speed. Not much has been revealed of him other than his aiding Norse men of his age, although in the modern era of the 20th century he would be called upon time and again by ally Kid Eternity through the lad's time travel abilities to assist him on cases. 
During the latest known adventure, Thjalfi aided Mary Marvel versus an adversary of hers known as Darkling, freeing her from the crippling shadow powers she manifested. In this way, Thalfi was the polar opposite of his counterparts on Earths One and Two in the sinister speedsters known as Reverse-Flash and Rival, who menaced Kid's counterpart the Flash on multiple occasions.

While Professor Eobard Thawne and Professor Edward Clariss used their super-science to mimic the mastery of motion manifested by Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, respectively, Thjalfi worked alongside Kid Eternity and his alter ego of Mercury to combat evil.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dark Angels Dopplegangers

Dark Angel was an agent of the German Nazi regime who was enlisted to initiate attacks on the American government. This led to her confrontation with Soy Smasher. After this initial encounter in why she was defeated, she declared she would seek revenge against her adversary although if she reappeared she used a different alias. 

Dark Angel filled in a niche that was occupied by Nazi mastermind maidens Paula Von Gunther and Von Gunta, who had opposed the Wonder Women of other Earths. In fact, the alter ego of Dark Angel was Donna Troy, who was connected with the Amazing Amazons.

On Earth-One, Donna Troy was adopted by Queen Hypolyta of Paradise Island, raising the young orphans after the Queen's daughter Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman, who had saved the girl from a raging fire that had decimated the building her parents had resided within. This Donna would become Wonder Girl, a member of the Teen Titans.

On Earth-Two, that version of Donna Troy was rescued from a similar raging inferno by firefighters, and as an older teenage enrollled as a student in Holliday College. She would become a friend and ally of Wonder Woman and her sidekick Etta Candy, as one of the Holliday Girls that shared adventure with them. On one occasion, this Donna adopted a costumed alter ego of Wondee Womam in the fourth dimension.

However, the core Donna Troy of Earth-Seven adopted the alias of Dark Angel, who like her Earth-S was a villain through and through. She would be the basis for a multiverse myriad of malicious maidens. The ultimate fate of the Earth-S Donna aka Dark Angel was to die in a fire, similar to what her counterparts had faced as infants, but instead as an adult.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Courageous Captains Cause Cosmic Chaos

Earth-276 was a world never visited by residents of the prime universes that survived through the final days of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and yet it was the mirror image of one of these parallel planets known as Earth-S, which had been home to the Marvel Family. It's prime protector also once visited another prime universe in Earth-One.

Captain Thunder aka Willie Fawcett was the counterpart of Billy "Captain Marvel" Batson from Earth-S. Willie had been born on Earth-276 and came upon the acquaintance of Merokee, who like his own counterpart Shazam had imbued a lad with superhuman abilities. The Monster League of Evil had a long running enmity towards Thunder as had the Monster Society of Evil with Marvel, although in the former's case this pitched battled spilled out through some 1,953 dimension. Eventually, the Captain captured the League, leaving them in inter-dimensional Limbo existing between universes, however the League's leader used his mental abilities to warp the mind of Thunder. This led the caped crusader to erroneously venture to Earth-One instead of his home world, whereupon as young Willie happens upon both criminals and the costumed crimefighter, Superman.

However, when Fawcett transformed to Thunder, the Captain's suddenly evil disposition turned him into an adversary of Superman, and the two battled on a couple occasions, In between these encounters, Willie reverted to his childhood self and sought out reporter Clark Kent in hopes of the journalist helping to lead the teen to Superman. Together, they ascertained that Captain Thunder was acting against his true benevolent nature, and so Superman tricked his rival into utilizing his inherent wisdom to revert the Captain to his once righteous demeanor once more.

At that point, Captain Thunder calculated the means to travel back to his native Earth-276, at which point he disappeared from Earth-One's reality nevermore to return. Similar confrontations occurred between a mentally controlled Captain Marvel, who temporarily resided upon Earth-Two and battled that world's Superman, and decades later a similar occasion when he battled this same Superman who previously dueled with Thunder years previous. As to whether Captains Marvel and Thunder, Shazam and Merokee, or the Society and League of Monsters ever encountered one another is unknown, although given that Marvel and his Family where in suspended animation during the period when Thunder was traversing various dimensions before irrevocably returning to his Earth, it is unlikely. 

As for Thunder's cosmic twin Captain Marvel, and later tale wherein Mister Mxyzptlk swapped the powers and costumes of Marvel and Superman, in a scheme wherein the imp was working alongside Mister Mind and King Kull to defeat the pair. This encounter solidified that Captain Marval, and by extension Captain Thunder their worlds' respective Supermen, even though neither originated on Krypton as has Kal-El and Kal-L. At the end of this crooked caper, wherein Mxyzptlk became disenchanted with the bloodthirsty demeanor of Mind and Kull, he returned to his 5th dimensional home after reversing the condition of Earth-One and Earth-S' mightiest men that restored them to normal.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Lost Cities of Atlantis Resurfaces on twin EarthS

Although Poseidonis and Tritonis were the most famous of the submerged cities of the fabled and submerged continent of Atlantis on Earth-One, on other Earths both their versions of these metropolises and their inhabitants had different outcomes from the initial catastrophic events which had befallen them untold eons previous.

On Earth-Two, Aurania and Venturia... which were their world's version of Poseidonis and Tritonis respectively... had likewise been buried deep beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. During the 1940's, both of these lands were raised to the surface from within the volcanic crevices they had resided throughout most of their histories. When Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor traveled to both locales, aiding Queen Eeras while opposed her rival Queen Clea, they were only the first of many who had encountered them. Other heroes, such as Superman, Batman and Robin, had likewise met with royalty from these cities including the offshoot merman and mermaid people of a satellite city.

Likewise, on Earth-S, Freddy Freeman aka Captain Marvel Jr. and his absent minded friend Professor Edgewise had likewise ventured to the domed city of one of these two Atlantis civilizations which had been conquered by the brutal Ruhk people who had been exiled to the doomed metropolis. After battling some of these brutes, the outcome of this encounter left the island city once more submerged beneath the wave of the city, nevermore to return.

It's counterpart on Earth-Two would be plundered during the 1960's by T.O. Morrow, who battled the Justice Society there. Then in the 1970's, Queen Clea would attempt to reconquer her former throne while battling Wonder Woman and her heroic allies. At the conclusion of this tale, thanks in part to devices she and King Kull of Earth-S had devised and utilized, Clea's Atlantis once more was submerged back into its' former home within the crust of the earth.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Twice-Told Tales: Envy Exacerbates Evil Empresses

Jealously is a bitter root and the heart of many a foul deed. And this often brings out the worst in a person, in their disposition, in their decisions, in their actions. Such an insidious emotion was that which consumed two women in twin universes, which caused two Batmen trouble.

Poison Ivy was Pamela Isley, a former university student with an expertise in botany who turned to crime when she was jilted in  love by her duplicitous course instructor. She first made the scene in Earth-One's Gotham City by calling out three women for their meager criminal endeavors compared to her own. These women, Dragon Fly, Silken Spider and Tiger Moth, were led into a trap which also ensnared both Batman and Robin, until the Dynamic Duo turned the tables on her scheme. She would return.

Catwoman was Selina Kyle, a divorcee who was jilted out of her spousal support when her abusive husband cast her out for protesting. Seeking to steal from those who like her husband were both wealthy in money yet poor in heart, she began a long running adversarial relationship with the Dynamic Duo of Earth-Two. When author Neil Weston pens a book detailing the criminal careers of various female rogues, Kyle feels slighted when she herself is left off the list. Seeking to sabotage the production of a film based on this book, Catwoman continues to perplex actress Gala Kazon in her portrayals of the Delilah, the Wicked Witch and Circe. However, Batman and Robin eventually captured her. She ultimately married the object of her affection, former foe Bruce "Batman" Wayne.

While such tales never occurred with the Selina Kyle of Earth-One or Ivy's Earth-Two counterpart Flora Styles, time and circumstance could get the best of any... man or woman, young or old, good or evil... if they allowed jealously to get a foothold into their hearts.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Second Generation Wonders: The Beginning

At the start, three costumed kids teamed up to save a seaside community. Prior to this, an untold tale revealed that in fact five of these well known sidekicks had joined forces in order to combat their mentors in the Justice League, who had been mentally controlled by an alien entity of unknown origins. These five: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy... became the founders of the Teen Titans. They would routinely battle street level thugs such as gangs, jewel thieves, and the like.

Occasionally, they'd face Aliens from Dimension X and kooky criminals like the fashion foible known as Mad Mod. While Aqualad retreated to the sea where he felt more useful, his four team mates remained together off and on throughout the years.

Although at one point, Robin left the team when the others were recruited by Mister Jupiter into a new training program following a tragic incident when they were unable to save a victim of an assassination attempt. The loss of Nobel Prize winner Doctor Arthur Swenson impacted the teens, aging them beyond their years overnight.

It was during this time that four new members joined the Titans: Mal the Hornblower, Lilith, Hawk and Dove. Later, there would be a West Coast Teen Titans and even later a New Teen Titans that would add additional members.

Another team of teens had formed in the early 1940s, known as the Blue Boys. consisting of Little Boy Blue, Little Miss Redhead, Tubby and Toughy. These corresponded to the four new Titans that joined the founding five.

Decades later, the dawn of what would become known as Infinity, Inc. assembled in the mansion of Diana and Steve Trevor, the former secretly Wonder Woman. While their parents or guardians in the Justice Society were being honored by the President of the United States, along with future teammates of these kids in Power Girl and Star-Spangled Kid, the four kids left at the Trevor home got involved in a misadventure involving an anti-gravitational baseball and an invisible jet. From these hi-jinks, a bond formed between Hector Hall, Al Rothstein, Rick Tyler and their young hostess Lyta Hall... and would reignite as young adults under the aliases of Silver Scarab, Nuklon, Hourman and Fury.

Others would join them at different times later on, creating Infinity, Inc. which like the New Teen Titans spawned second generation of superheroes of parallel planets of Earths One and Two.

A third team of teens, the Marvel Family, had their own path that led them to become their world's premier superhero organization. Consisting of Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel Junior, and the three Lieutenant Marvels of Fat, Tall and Hill. Not to be forgotten, their older mentor and funny animal assistant in Uncle Marvel and Marvel Bunny. This Earth-S team was fully formed but still experience growing pains of their own.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Machavelian Masterminds versus Men of Metal: Vandal Savage versus Shining Knight

Perhaps the most persistent pest to the family El of Krypton-One was the second cousin, once removed, of Kal-El/Superman known as Kru-El. Seeking to develop a stockpile of banned weaponry for his own sinister purposes, this black sheep of the El's was captured and incarcerated by Kal's father Jor-El. Banished to the Phantom Zone, Kru-El would routinely throughout the years work alongside fellow prisoners of the Zone such as General Zod and Jax-Ur to attempt to exact revenged against the son of their jailer.

On one occasion, Kru-El was instrumental in designing creatures known as Anachronids who disrupted space time continuum, which directly involved his cousin and fellow Justice Leaguer the Flash. This parallels what occurred with his cosmic twin as to bending history to his will.

The several encounters between Man of Steel and Man of Malice on Earth-One were mirrored on Earth-Two by Kru-El's counterpart Vandal Savage... and another metallic man alongside Kal-L! We now consider the long running enmity between Vandal Savage as Genghis Khan vs the Shining Knight, Sir Justin!

When Vandar Adg had been exposed to radiation from a blazing meteorite, he was imbued with immortality. As such, he lived for centuries while adopting various aliases as conquerors such as an ancient king of Sumner, Egyptian Pharaoh Cheops, Roman leader Julius Caesar, and other individuals who on Earth-One were individual men throughout the years. His last foray into direct conquest before becoming a power behind the scenes was as the Mongul ruler known as Genghis Khan. A young Khan aka Temujin of Earth-One had inadvertently been aided in his claim to power by a mistaken time lost Superboy, who saved his life twice!

As Superman, he would later redeem himself somewhat by leading a crushing defeat against Earth-Two's adult Genghis during an adventure with his fellow Justice League members, as well as that world's Justice Society and Law's Legionnaires. More on that later.

Several centuries prior to his appearance as Khan, as Vandal Savage this immortal was a feudal lord in England during the age of Camelot when he first encountered one of his most enduring adversaries, the Shining Knight. The Knight and his flying steed Winged Victory were investigating a massive dimensional tuning fork installed in the countryside next to Savage's castle by the ageless Monitor, placed there as well as four other key points in history on two earths to prevent them from being destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. While the Knight along with Earth-One's Firestorm and Ice Maiden defended this fork from threats originating in the Anti-Matter Universe, it was the marvelously metallic armored Knight who aroused Vandal's interest that would develop over the years.

As Khan, Savage was plucked from the thirteen century do the twentieth century by the renegade scientist known as Doctor Doome. The Doctor had developed the means to traverse time, and employed various notorious conquerors from history including Attila the Hung, Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte as well as Khan to lead Doome's minions in modern conquest. The members of Law's Legionnaires (or Seven Soldiers of Victory) were dispatched to deal with these individual threats, with Knight choosing Khan. No doubt, this battle helped Genghis to recall when as Savage he had first encountered the Knight. Once defeated, Khan returned to his native time. Perhaps during his foray into the future, Savage recalled his earlier meeting with another Legionnaire, Vigilante, when that hero was sent to Ancient Rome when Vandal was Julius Caesar.

Years later, the Legionnaires were thrust into the time stream after a battle with the Nebula Man, with each member arriving in a different historical era. Tied through the chronal device given to him by Doome, Khan was able to extract Shining Knight and bring him to the thirteen century in order to aid him in his conquest of China. It was during this occasion that the entity known as the Oracle dispatched teams of three heroes each to various eras in order to extract the Legionnaires and bring them back to their native era. Thus, it was Earth-Two's Sandman and Earth-One's Metamorpho and Superman who did this, with Superman's aforementioned victory versus Khan.

Vandal had as Gaius Julius Caesar in ancient Rome Vandal had as Gaius Julius Caesar in ancient Rome encountered a time-lost Vigilante of Law's Legionnaires as well as Rocky, a henchman of the Dummy. Then, centuries later as Count Lucovico, Savage met another of Law's Legionnaire in the Shining Knight, who sought the aid of Leonardo Da Vinci due to his invention of a time machine identical to that later used by the Dummy. It was that machine which the Dummy used in the 20th century to send all of the Legionnaires and his henchmen back to earlier eras.

Stealing this time machine and using it to pilfer from the Dummy in the 20th century, Savage would later utilize both technologies in Camelot and Colu-Two versus the Justice Society. encountered a time-lost Vigilante of Law's Legionnaires as well as Rocky, a henchman of the Dummy. Then, centuries later as Count Lucovico, Savage met another of Law's Legionnaire in the Shining Knight, who sought the aid of Leonardo Da Vinci due to his invention of a time machine identical to that later used by the Dummy. It was that machine which the Dummy used in the 20th century to send the Legionnaires and his henchmen back to earlier eras.

But this was not the end of Khan, as he would be pulled forward in time on one more occasion as a temporal phantom alongside other historical villains in order to battle the Patrol consisting of Fred, Pedro and Slim. Once returned to his earlier time period following defeat, Savage forsook being a direct ruler and instead assist others behind the scenes. As such, his first modern day appearance as Vandal Savage was versus first Green Lantern and then as a member of the Injustice Society versus the Lantern's Justice Society. He would return over the decades to battle the Society three more as well as the Flash of both earths.

Eventually, Savage met his own world's Superman in ancient Camelot which he returned to in order to lead the Society into a trap and draw them to a planet of his own design in order to siphon the Man of Steel's power into himself. And the person who led Superman and the Society to Camelot to pursue Vandal? The Shining Knight who had a link to the villain throughout the centuries. Eventually, Savage moved to Earth-One for a few months, first attempting to change that world's history to make him a conqueror and later an insidious business man. After decisive defeats versus the Man of Steel and his old foe Immortal Man with the Forgotten Heroes assisting them, Vandal Savage disappeared from Earth-One. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blonde Bombshells Bravely Battle Badness

Lena Thorul and Liandly Tyic were girls who encountered the wonders of space which literally opened their minds to new realities

Lena was the younger sister of future master criminal Lex Luthor of Earth-One, whose "space-brain" device accidentally bequeathed telepathic and telekinetic abilities upon her. When her brother turned criminal, her parents changed their family name to Thorul, and soon after died in a car crash. In her late teens, Lena's powers manifested and she soon became best friends with fellow orphan Linda Lee aka Supergirl. In fact, Lena impersonated the Girl of Steel more than once, and was even used as a pawn by a third lass who looked like Lena and Linda, Lesla-Lar of Kandor. Eventually, Lena joined the FBI and married fellow agent Jeff Colby. She would later be a widow and single mom, eventually learning of her brother's alias.

Liandly accidentally activate her father's teleportation device which sent her from her native planet Rolez to Earth-Two. There she met that world's Clark Kent and his wife Lois, who briefly assumed guardianship of her, and conceived of a normal name for her in the form of Linda Lee... the same name that Earth-One's Supergirl and Lena's best friend used. On her new world, she gained telepathic and telekinetic abilities which she used alongside Superman to defeat the criminal Colonel Future. As such, the hero gave her the nickname of Super-Girl. Shortly thereafter, her powers returned her to Rolez.. And that world found a parallel with the adopted world of Earth-One's Lex in Lexor!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Supergirls throughout the Ages and Earths

Several supergirls appeared on Earths One and Two to aid the men:
  • Kara Zor-El and Kara Zor-L as Supergirl and Power Girl, cousins of the Supermen and standard bearers for the name.
  • Lesla-Lar of Kandor and Kara-Lar of Symbioship, mental maidens fighting each Kara in her own mind.for control.
  • Lois Lane and her counterpart, each donned the role of the first Superwomen, their greatest power was stealing Superman's heart.
  • Luma Lynai and Tharka, each powerless on Earth, tried to capture the attention of the Supermen during visits to their worlds.
  • Lena Thorul and Liandly Tyic were the other Super-Girls, lookalikes for the Girls of Steel with telepathic and telekinetic powers.
  • Lea Lindy the Marvel Maid of planet Terra and Jannie of planet Karma were lookalikes with superhuman physiques visiting Earth once.
  • Louise-L and Kara the Valkyrie came from 500,000 AD Earth-One and the Asgardian dimension of Earth-Two, subbing for the supergirls.
Of course, another Superwoman... a renegade Amazon of Earth-Three... was her world's Wonder Woman. And several more allies of the Men of Steel would also be classified as stellar supergirls.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winged Warriors in Gotham City: Both Good and Bad

While most notable for having the Caped Crusaders known as Batman and Robin gliding above the streets of Gotham City, this metropolis had its fair share of other individuals who made short but notable impressions on this town.

In June of 1951, the first of these individuals whom we'll considered today debuted. An unnamed man from a Scandinavian country known publicly as the caped crusader Wingman appeared. Inspired by the successful career of Earth-Two's Batman, Wingman joined him on a month's worth of cases in Gotham in order to train under the more experience mystery man. Since Robin would be laid up in a cast for six weeks while recovering from an injury, this provided the Dark Knight with capable help.

Wingman took advantage of this opportunity to acquire the needed edge to become an experienced superhero under the tutelage of Batman.  This caused a rivalry between Wingman and Robin, until the Boy Wonder finally discovered that Wingman would be returning to his native home in northern Europe to engage in a solo career.

On Earth-One, his counterpart was a soldier and demolitions expert named Joe Rigger, who experienced repeated tragedy when members of his family perished during accidents at three separate buildings. His sanity lost, Rigger adopted the alter ego of Firebug and used his extensive athletic abilities and training to become a misguided vigilante. Able to emit flames from his gloves thanks to napalm tanks he incorporated into his costume, Firebug came into conflict with Batman. During their final recorded clash, Rigger seemingly perished atop the Gotham State Building, although he actually survived and would return another day to torment Gothamites while incurring the wrath of the city's Dark Knight protector.

Another pair of caped crusaders in Gotham were the Wrath and Brickbat, each embodying qualities of their worlds' Batmen. The Wrath was orphaned at a young age when his parents, a pair of burglars, were mistakenly shot by a young policeman who was to become Commissioner James Gordon while they were sneaking out a window. Traveling the world, training himself as a master assassin, Wrath eventually returned to the city of his birth to seek vengeance against Gordon. However, he found opposition when facing James' friend Earth-One's Batman, who was also the Wrath's opposite number. After a few confrontations, the villain perished after attempting to avoid his own explosive capsule's detonation and falling to his death.

Brickbat was like Wrath an underworld take on the Dark Knight, even adopting his cowl although wearing a lime green business suit over his spandex. Utilizing bricks that when they hit objects releases deadly gas, Brickbat was seemingly unstoppable until he faced over with the former district attorney turned criminal turned costumed crusader, 711, who quickly vanquished this copycat crook before Earth-Two's Batman had a chance to even meet him as his counterpart had his foe.

Our final set of fearsome foes glided through the air seemingly effortless, while plundering the fair metropolis below. First, there was Charles Brown of Earth-One, an inventor who was obsessed with kites since young, and designed several to use in his crusader of crime as the Kite-Man. However, he too had to face Batman and Robin, then later Hawkman and Hawkgirl as well as Zatanna. On none of these occasions did he prove victorious even when employing a gang. Another gang of Kite-Men on Earth-Two tormented America in behalf of the Imperial Japanese in the early days of World War II, until the Black Condor upset their schemes and those of their leader Karlo Klug.

Many others would swing from the skyscrappers of both Gothams throughout the decades. However, these winged and webbed wonders were among the most lively... next to the Dynamic Duo themselves, of course.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sensational Successors of Sandmen Sufficiently Skilled

Jed Paulsen was a lad with a strange history who would became a legend a century after his birth. As a yong orphan with a propensity to dream, he was drawn into the world of the Sandman who was a self appointed protector of the dimension where nocturnal realities are conceptualized. As a mentor for Jed, Sandman soon learned that this lad was displaced in their me and belonged in a future era, as more than a mere student. He would become the Planeteer known as Tommy Tomorrow. Armed with a special pistol and futuristic equipment, it was his physical prowess and keen problem solving aptitude that made him such a fine example of a protector amongst his peers... much like his counterpart a universe away and decades distant from that cosmic twin.

On a parallel world of Earth-Two, Jed's doppleganger was John.... Jonathan Law. While he had previously been a police detective having several 'more fun' adventures, Law made a career change later and became a novelist. Seeking source material for his next great story, Law interviewed the girlfriend of the mystery man known as Sandman. Following the interview, the woman... Dian Belmont... handed Jonathan a drawing of a new costume she has designed for her boyfriend, believing that Law would appreciate it more. Indeed he wore a fabricated replica of her handiwork and as Tarantula encountered Dian once more as she was substituting for Sandman on a case. Sadly, her duel with some crooks led to her perishing in a car crash, with Tarantula and Sandman himself having witnessed this tragedy. Armed with his web-shooting pistol and equipped with suction cup boots, his acrobatic agility and mental ingenuity made him a capable, fighting in memory of Dian.

Back on Earth-One, through some interaction with Supergirl, Jed ended up in the future and would in one timeline be the warrior lad known as Kamandi yet in the actual future would become them aforementioned Tommy Tomorrow. As an ace graduate, Tommy was the premier membr of the Planeteers which protected the Solar System from various threats. He would return to the 20th century on a few weeks occasions such as combatting time lost dinosaurs, assisting fellow heroes who weee "showcasing" their abilities versus and alien treat, and during the Crisis on Infinite Eartha.

Tarantula had himself a prestigious career as a costumed crusader, both as a solo adventurer and alongside his felllow members of the All-Star Squadron. In fact, his various experiences side by side with this superheroes allowed him to thoroughly research his literary masterpiece, Alter Ego, at which point he had retired from his own alter ego.

Character Profiles

711 (1) Abel (1) Abra Kadabra (3) Ace of Space (1) Adam Strange (2) Adeline Wilson (1) Aegeus (1) Aethyr (1) Air Wave (5) Akhet (2) Albert Zero (1) Alex Luthor (4) Alexander the Great (1) Alexei Luthor (10) Alfred (2) Alias the Spider (1) All-Star Squadron (3) All-Stars (34) Ally Babble (1) Amalek (1) Amazing-Man (1) Amazo (2) Ambush Bug (1) Amethyst (1) Angle Man (1) Ani-Men (1) Animal Man (2) Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (1) Animals (3) Ankle Man (1) Annihilator (1) Anti-Monitor (2) Anton Allegro (1) Anton Hastor (1) Ape Mastermind (1) Apokolips (3) Appellaxians (9) Aquagirl (2) Aqualad (3) Aquaman (5) Aquarius (1) Archer (1) Arion Lord of Atlantis (1) Arisia (1) Armaggedon (1) Arrowette (1) Asgard (5) Astarte (1) Astra (1) Atlanna (1) Atlantea (2) Atlantis (2) Atlena (1) Atom (9) Atom Blake (1) Atom-Master (1) Atom-Mastert (1) Atoman (1) Atomic Knight (1) Atomic Skull (1) Automan (1) Avengers (1) Axis Amerika (5) Azrael (1) B'wana Beast (1) Baby Boom (1) Badra (1) Balbo (1) Balloon Buster (1) Bannerman (1) Baron Bedlam (1) Baron Blitzkrieg (2) Baron Death (1) Barry O'Neill (1) Bart Regan (1) Bash Bashford (1) Bat Lash (3) Bat-Girl (2) Bat-Knights (1) Bat-Mite (3) Bat-Squad (1) Batgirl (11) Batman (25) Batmen of All Nations (4) Batwoman (3) Beast Boy (1) Beautia (1) Beautiful Dreamer (1) Ben Boxer (1) Betty Bates (2) Big Bear (1) Big Sur (1) Bill Baggett (1) Bill Jensen (1) Bill the Magnificent (1) Billings (1) Billy Gunn (2) Bird-Boy (1) Bizarro (3) Bizarro Krypto (1) Black Adam (2) Black Arrow (1) Black Assassin (1) Black Bison (1) Black Canary (5) Black Cobra (1) Black Condor (2) Black Dragon Society (1) Black Flame (1) Black Hand (1) Black Jack (3) Black Knight (1) Black Lightning (1) Black Manta (3) Black Orchid (3) Black Pirate (1) Black Prophet (1) Black Racer (2) Black Shark (1) Black Spider (2) Black Templar (1) Black Widow (1) Black Zero (1) Black-Eyed Bandit (1) Blackfire (1) Blackhawk (2) Blackhawks (1) Blackrock (1) Blackstar/Blackstarr (1) Blackwing (1) Blaze (1) Blockbuster (2) Blok (1) Blue Beetle (3) Blue Boys (2) Blue Devil (1) Blue Lama (1) Blue Snowman (2) Blue Streak (1) Boa (1) Bolt (1) Bombardier (1) Booster Gold (1) Bouncer (1) Bouncing Boy (1) Boy Commandos (2) Bozo (1) Brain (2) Brain Storm (1) Brain Wave (4) Brain Wave Junior (1) Brain-Pirate (1) Brainiac (5) Brainiac Five (4) Brainwave Junior (2) Brane Taylor (3) Breach (1) Brent Wood (1) Brickbat (1) Brimstone (1) Bron Wayn (2) Bronze Tiger (1) Brother Blood (2) Brotherhood of Evil (1) Buddak (1) Buddy Smith (1) Bug-Eyed Bandit (1) Bulletgirl (7) Bulletman (6) Bumblebee (2) Bushmaster (1) Bwanna Beast (1) Byth (1) Cadre (1) Cain (1) Calculator (1) Calendar Men (1) Captain Action (1) Captain Atom (1) Captain Blimp (1) Captain Booomerang (1) Captain Carrot (1) Captain Challenge (2) Captain Cold (2) Captain Comet (3) Captain Desmo (1) Captain Kid (1) Captain Marvel (10) Captain Marvel Junior (3) Captain Midnight (2) Captain Nazi (1) Captain Stingaree (1) Captain Thunder (1) Captain Triumph (1) Captain Venture (1) Captain X (2) Carcharo (1) Carol Ferris (2) Cary Bates (2) Catman (1) Catwoman (10) Cavalier (2) Cave Carson (1) Celcius (1) Chac (1) Chairman Dasor (1) Challengers of the Unknown (2) Chameleon Boy (2) Chameleon Chief (1) Champions of Angor (1) Chang (2) Changeling (2) Charlie Vicker (1) Cheetah (1) Chemo (1) Chequerians (1) Cheshire (1) Chief (2) Chris King (1) Chroma (1) Chrona (1) Chronos (3) Chuck Grayson (2) Cinnamon (1) Cities (4) Clarice Winston (1) Clayface (2) Clea (1) Clock (2) Clock King (1) Cloudland (1) Clown (1) Cluemaster (1) Cobra (1) Colonel Future (1) Colonel Sulphur (1) Colossal Boy (1) Comet the Superhorse (1) Commander (2) Commander Blanx (1) Commander Steel (3) Commando Yank (2) Composite Superman (2) Computo (1) Congo Bill (1) Congorilla (1) Conqueror (2) Conscience (1) Construct (1) Controllers (1) Copperhead (1) Cory Renwald (2) Cosmic Boy (1) Cosmo (1) Cotton Carson (1) Count Vertigo (1) Crazy Quilt (2) Creator2 (1) Creature Commandos (2) Creeper (1) Crime Champions (2) Crime Crusaders Club (1) Crime Doctor (2) Crime Syndicate (12) Crimelord (1) Crimson Avenger (3) Crimson Flame (1) Crumbler (1) Cryll (2) Cyborg (1) Cyclone (1) Cyclone Kids (1) Cyclotron (3) Dalymr (1) Dark Angel (1) Darkseid (4) Dawnstar (1) DC Detectives (4) Deadman (1) Deadshot (1) Dean Sourpuss (1) Deathbolt (1) Deathstroke (1) Defenders (1) Dela Pharon (1) Despero (1) Destiny (1) Detective Chimp (1) Dev-Em (1) Dexter Knox (1) Dial H for Hero (2) Diamond Jack (1) Dian Belmon (1) Diane Meade (1) Dmane (1) Doc Wackey (1) Doctor Alchemy (4) Doctor Anomaly (1) Doctor Bedlam (1) Doctor Clever (1) Doctor Cyber (1) Doctor Death (2) Doctor Destiny (2) Doctor Doog (1) Doctor Doome (2) Doctor Double-X (1) Doctor Elektro (1) Doctor Fate (3) Doctor Fu Manchu (1) Doctor Light (5) Doctor Love (1) Doctor Mid-Nite (4) Doctor Midnight (2) Doctor Mist (1) Doctor Moon (1) Doctor No-Face (1) Doctor Occult (4) Doctor Phosphorous (1) Doctor Poison (1) Doctor Polaris (2) Doctor Psycho (1) Doctor Spectrum (1) Doctor Tzin-Tzin (1) Doctor Weerd (1) Doiby Dickles (2) Doll Man (1) Dolphin (1) Don Drake (1) Don Quixote (1) Don-El (2) Doom Patrol (5) Doralla Kon (1) Doris Lee (2) Dove (1) Dragon (1) Dream Girl (1) Duke of Deception (1) Dummy (1) Duo Damsel (1) Dyna-Mite (4) Dyzan (1) Earth-8 (9) Earth-Four (2) Earth-One (1) Earth-Prime (4) Earth-S (5) Earth-Two (2) Earth-X (1) Earthworm (1) Eclipso (1) Edmund Blake (1) Eeras (1) Egon (1) El Carim (1) El Castigo (1) El Diablo (1) Elasti-Girl (1) Element Girl (1) Element Lad (1) Element Man (1) Eliminations Inc (1) Elongated Man (1) Eltro Gand (2) Emery Zackro (1) Enchantress (1) Enemy Ace (2) Enrichetta Negrini (1) Esper Lass (1) Etrigan (1) Etta Candy (1) Evart Keenan (1) Evil Star (1) Evil Three (1) Eviless (2) Fadeaway Man (1) Fairytales Fenton (1) Fang Gow (1) Faora Hu-ul (1) Fastbak (1) Fatal Five (1) Fatman (1) Fearsome Five (1) Feathered Serpent (1) Federal Man (2) Federal Men (1) Feithera (1) Felix Faust (2) Fiddler (6) Fighters (2) Firebrand (5) Firebug (1) Firefly (1) Firehawk (1) Firestorm (6) Fisherman (1) Five Fingers (6) Flag (1) Flamebird (4) Flare (1) Flash (25) Flora Styles (1) Floronic Man (1) Flying Fox (2) Flying Tiger (3) Fog (1) Fool (1) Forager (1) Force of July (1) Forever People (4) Forgotten Heroes (9) Forgotten Villains (1) Fourth Dimension (1) Fred (1) Freedom Brigade (1) Freedom Fighters (14) Fringe (5) Funky Flashman (1) Funny Face (3) Fury (3) Futureman (1) G.I. Robot (1) Gabby (1) Gadgeteer (1) Gadgets (8) Galactic Golem (1) Gambler (2) Gargoyle (1) Gary Concord (1) General Immortus (1) General Zod (3) Genghis Khan (1) Geo-Force (1) Gernsback (1) Gerta Von Gunther (1) Getaway Genius (1) Ghost (1) Ghost of Flanders (1) Gizmo (1) Global Guardians (8) Glorious Godfrey (1) Goitrude (1) Golden Arrow (3) Golden Eagle (1) Golden Gladiator (1) Golden Glider (1) Goldface (1) Gorilla City (1) Gorilla Grodd (4) Gorrah (1) Grax (1) Green Arrow (16) Green Arrows of the World (4) Green Blop (1) Green Flame (2) Green Lantern (22) Green Lantern Corps (9) Gremlins (1) Grimbor (1) Guardian (4) Guardians of the Universe (4) Guy Gardner (3) Gypsy (1) Halk Kar (4) Halo (1) Hangman (1) Hans Gootsden (1) Harbinger (2) Harlequin (4) Harry Sims (1) Hartford Jackson (1) Harvey Bullock (1) Hath-Set (1) Hawk (1) Hawkgirl (7) Hawkman (10) Hazard (1) He-Man (1) Headmaster Mind (1) Headquarters (14) Heat Wave (1) Hector Hammond (1) Hefnakhti (1) Hellgrammite (1) Hero (1) Hi-Jack (3) Highfather (1) Holliday Girl (1) Holliday Girls (1) Hood (1) Hooty (2) Hop Harrigan (3) Hourman (2) Htrae (2) Hubert Crawford (1) Hugo Strange (5) Human Bomb (1) Human Cannonball (1) Human Key (1) Human Magnet (1) Human Target (1) Hummingbird (1) Humpty Dumpty (1) Hunchback (1) Huntress (13) Hyathis (1) Hyena (1) Hyper-Space (1) Hypnota (1) I-Ching (1) Ian Karkull (1) Ibac (1) Ibis (2) Ibis the Invincible (1) Icicle (6) Illyria (1) Immortal Man (6) Impala (1) Inferior Five (1) Infinitors (10) Infinity Inc. (3) Infinity-Man (1) Infnitors (1) Injustice Gang (4) Injustice Society (6) Insect Master (1) Insect Queen (2) Inspector Hawkins (1) Interplanetary Police (1) Invaders (1) Invisible Destroyer (1) Invisible Hood (1) Invisible Kid (1) Inza Nelson (1) Iona Vane (1) Ira Quimby (1) Irene Miller (1) Iris West (6) Iron Hand (1) Isis (1) Ivan Caroff (1) Ixnayalpay (1) Jack O'Lantern (1) Jade (4) Jakarta (1) Janet Klyburn (1) Jason Blood (1) Jason Burr (1) Jasper Crow (1) Javelin (1) Jax-Ur (2) Jayna (1) Jean Loring (2) Jemm (1) Jericho (1) Jester (2) Jimmy Olsen (3) Joan Carter (1) Joan Fortune (1) Joan Williams (4) Joanie Swift (1) Joe Hercules (1) Joe Morgan (1) John Stewart (2) Johnny Law (1) Johnny Quick (5) Johnny Thunder (7) Johnny Witts (1) Joker (4) Jonah Hex (4) Jonni Thunder (3) Jonny Double (1) Jor-El (1) Jor-L (2) Judomaster (3) Juggler (1) Julia Remarque (1) Julie Madison (1) Jungle Man (1) Junior Justice Society (3) Jur-Ll (1) Justice Alliance of America (2) Justice League of America (32) Justice Society of America (32) Kale (1) Kalibak (1) Kamandi (3) Kana Shadow Warrior (1) Kandor (4) Kanjar Ro (2) Kanto (1) Karat (2) Karate Kid (1) Karl Kruger (1) Karnage (1) Kaskor (1) Katana (1) Katma Tui (2) Keith Everett (1) Key (1) Kid Devil (1) Kid Eternity (2) Kid Flash (4) Killer Croc (1) Killer Frost (2) Killer Moth (1) Killer Shark (1) King Bee (1) King Brpxz (1) King Faraday (1) King Ironsides (1) King Kull (2) King Luna (1) King of Cats (1) King Standish (1) Kite-Man (1) Kizo (2) Knodar (1) Kobra (1) Kra (1) Kritter (1) Krona (1) Kru-El (3) Krypto (2) Krypton (2) Kryptonite (5) Kryptonite Kid (1) Kryptonite Man (1) Kulak (1) Kung (1) Lady Blackhawk (1) Lady Lunar (2) Lady Quark (1) Lana Lang (2) Lance O'Casey (2) Lando (1) Landor (1) Larry Lance (1) Law's Legionnaires (2) Lawless League (4) League of Assassin (1) League of Challenger-Haters (4) League of Super-Assassins (1) Leaguers (20) Leander (1) Legion Academy (1) Legion of Super-Heroes (4) Legion of Super-Villains (1) Legionnaires (24) Lena Luthor (1) Lenora Lemaris (1) Lesla-Lar (2) Lex Luthor (9) Liandly (1) Liars Club (1) Liberty Belle (1) Lieutenant Marvels (2) Light (4) Light Lass (1) Lightning and Thunder (1) Lightning Bug (1) Lightning Lad (2) Lightning Lord (1) Lightning Master (1) Lightray (1) Lila Brown (1) Lilith (1) Linda Page (1) Lionmane (1) Lita Laverne (1) Little Boy Blue (1) Little Mermaid (1) Little Miss Scarlet (1) Lizard (1) Lois 4XR (1) Lois Lane (6) Lookalike Squad (1) Looker (1) Lord Damyn (1) Lord of Life (1) Lord of Limbo (2) Lord of Time (1) Lori Elton (1) Lori Lemaris (1) Lorna Dawn (1) Losers (1) Louise-L (2) Luma Lynai (2) Lyla Lerrol (2) Maalador (1) Mad Hatter (2) Mad Maestro (1) Madame Fatal (2) Madame Rogue (2) Magenta (1) Magnetic Kid (1) Magnificus (1) Magno (1) Major Disaster (1) Major Zwerg (1) Mal Duncan (1) Mala (2) Mallo (2) Mammoth (1) Man-Bat (2) Man-Fish (1) Manhunter (6) Manhunters (2) Manno (1) Mantis (1) Marauder (1) Marco Xavier (1) Margo (1) Maria Flura (1) Marion Thayer (1) Mark Lansing (1) Mark Marson (1) Mark Merlin (1) Mark Moonrider (1) Martian Manhunter (6) Martler (1) Marvel Bunny (2) Marvel Family (3) Marvel Maid (2) Mary James (2) Mary Marvel (4) Master De Stroyer (2) Master Jailer (1) Master Man (1) Master Summoner (1) Mastermind (1) Masters of Disaster (1) Matter Master (1) Matter-Eater Lad (1) Mauri (1) Maximillian O'Leary (2) Maya (1) Mazdan (1) McGonigle (1) Mekanique (1) Melanie (1) Mento (2) Mephisto (1) Mer-Boy (1) Mer-Man (1) Mera (1) Merlin (1) Merlyn (1) Merry (1) Merry Gimmick Girl (2) Metal Men (10) Metallo (1) Metalo (1) Metamorpho (1) Metron (1) Midnight (1) Migrants (16) Mind-Grabber Kid (2) Mindboggler (1) Mineral Master (1) Minister Blizzard (1) Minite-Man (1) Minute Men of America (1) Minute-Man (3) Mirror Man (1) Mirror Master (1) Miss America (1) Miss Liberty (1) Mist (2) Mist Master (1) Mister 103 (1) Mister Alpha (1) Mister America (3) Mister Baffle (1) Mister Bones (1) Mister Element (2) Mister Esper (1) Mister Freeze (1) Mister Gadget (1) Mister Keeper (1) Mister Ktlpzyxm (1) Mister Mind (4) Mister Miracle (2) Mister Mxyzpltk (2) Mister Mxyzptlk (2) Mister Scarlet (7) Mister Terrific (3) Mister Thunder (1) Mister Twister (1) Mister Who (2) Mister Zero (1) Mon-El (3) Monarch of Menace (1) Mongul (1) Monitor (1) Monocle (1) Monsieur Mallah (2) Monster (1) Monster Society of Evil (1) Monty Moran (1) Moon Man (1) Moon O'Day (1) Moonglow (1) Mordru (1) Morgan Edge (1) Mouse Man (1) Ms. Flash (1) Multi-Man (2) Multi-Woman (2) Multiplex (2) Multiverse Exists (6) Myra Mason (3) Myrwhydden (1) Nasty Luthor (1) Nebula Man (2) Needle (1) Negative Man (1) Negative Woman (1) Nekron (1) Nemesis (1) Neon the Unknown (1) Neptune Perkins (3) Neutron (1) New Genesis (4) New Olympians (1) Night (1) Nighthawk (2) NightIngale (1) Nightshade (1) Nightwing (2) Nim-El (1) Nocturna (1) Northwind (1) Nubia (2) Nuclear (1) Nuklon (2) Nyarl-Amen (1) Nyola (1) Oberon (1) Obsidian (3) Ocean Master (1) Old Timer (1) Olivia Reynolds (1) Olympian (1) Omac (1) Omega Men (1) Onyx (1) Oracle (1) Organizations (2) Orion (1) Osira (1) Outsider (1) Outsiders (9) Overmind (1) Owen Cooley (1) Parasite (1) Pariah (1) Patricia Powell (1) Peachy Pet (1) Pedro (1) Penguin (1) Penny Dreadful (1) Pep Morgan (1) Per Degaton (5) Percy Bratten (1) Percy Popp (1) Perry White (1) Pete Ross (1) Phantom Eagle (1) Phantom Girl (1) Phantom Lady (1) Phantom Stranger (2) Phantom Zone (8) Pied Piper (1) Pinky (7) Planet Master (1) Planet Princess (1) Planeteer (2) Planeteers (2) Planets (9) Plastic Man (1) Plastique (1) Poison Ivy (4) Pol Manning (1) Porra (1) Pow-Wow Smith (1) Power Girl (27) Praying Mantis (1) Prince Daka (1) Prince Evillo (1) Prince Peril (1) Prince Ra-Man (1) Princess Kuella (1) Princess Projectra (1) Princess Ramia (1) Privateer (1) Professor Chemico (1) Professor Elba (1) Professor Fether (1) Professor Fortune (1) Professor Gurn (1) Professor Hugo (1) Professor Hyatt (1) Professor Ivo (1) Professor Million (1) Professor Milo (1) Professor Ojo (1) Professor Potter (1) Professor Radium (1) Professor Vakox (1) Professor Zee (1) Professor Zodiak (1) Project Cadmus (1) Project M (1) Protector (1) Protectors (1) Proteus (1) Psimon (1) Psycho-Pirate (1) Psykon (2) Pulsar (1) Pulsar Stargrave (1) Puppet-Master (2) Purple Priestess (1) Quakemaster (1) Queen Atomia (1) Queen Bee (3) Queen Desira (1) Queen Paralea (1) Quicksilver (1) Qward (2) Ra's Al Ghul (1) Raakj (1) Radar (1) Rag Doll (2) Ragman (1) Rainbow Archer (1) Rainbow Man (1) Rainbow Raider (2) Rajah Rahbin (1) Ramulus (1) Ranger (1) Raven (3) Ray (2) Reactron (1) Real American (2) Red Bee (2) Red Dart (1) Red Dragon (1) Red Nails (1) Red Panzer (2) Red Star (1) Red Tornado (5) Red Torpedo (1) Red White and Blue (1) Reflecto (1) Replikon (1) Revenge Syndicate (1) Reverse Flash (7) Rex Cosmos (1) Rhya (1) Richard Dragon (1) Ricky Taylor (1) Riddler (1) Rin-Tin-Tin (1) Rip Carter (1) Rip Hunter (2) Rising Sun (1) Rival (3) Robbie (1) Robby Reed (2) Roberta (1) Robin (16) Robotman (4) Robots (1) Rock Braddon (1) Rogues Gallery (8) Roh Kar (1) Rokk and Sorban (1) Roper (1) Rose and Thorn (5) Rose Psychic (1) Rotwang (1) Roving Ranger (3) Roy Raymond (1) Royal Flush Gang (2) Roz-Em (1) Rusty Ryan (1) Sagitarius (1) Sand Superman (1) Sandman (4) Sandy (4) Sargon (5) Saturn Girl (3) Saturno (2) Scalphunter (2) Scarecrow (1) Scarlet Seal (1) Scoop Scanlon (1) Scribbly Jibbett (1) Sea Devils (1) Sea Sleuth (1) Secret City (2) Secret Six (1) Secret Society of Super-Villains (15) Sense-Master (1) Sensei (1) Sentinels of Justice (3) Serafin (1) Seraph (1) Serva (1) Seven (1) Seven Deadly Enemies of Mankind (1) Sgt Rock (1) Shade (5) Shadow (1) Shadow Lass (1) Shadow-Thief (1) Shadowlands (1) Shaggy Man (1) Shark (1) Shatterer (1) Shimmer (1) Shining Knight (3) Shrike (1) Shrinking VIolet (1) Sidekicks (1) Siegfried (1) Sieur Satan (1) Signalman (1) Silent Knight (1) Silky Cernak (1) Silver Fog (1) Silver Scarab (2) Silver St. Cloud (2) Silver Swan (1) Simple Simon (1) Sindella (1) Sinestro (3) Sir Butch (1) Sir Traytor (1) Sivana (3) Sivana Family (1) Sky Pirate (1) Skylark (1) Slim (1) Slingshot (1) Snake (1) Snapper Carr (1) Sniper (1) Sno-Supermen (1) Snowman (1) Socialites (18) Socko Smith (1) Solaris (1) Soldiers (7) Solo (2) Solomon Grundy (1) Solovar (1) Son of Vulcan (1) Sonar (1) Sonik (1) Space Legion (3) Space Ranger (1) Space-Police (1) Specialists (1) Spectre (4) Speedy (9) Spinner (1) Spook (1) Sportsmaster (1) Spy Smasher (6) Squadron of Justice (4) Squadron Supreme (1) Squiffles (1) Star Boy (2) Star Sapphire (5) Star-Rocket Racer (1) Star-Spangled Kid (4) Star-Tsar (2) Starbreaker (1) Starfire (4) Starheart (4) Starman (5) Starro (1) Steel (2) Steelclaw (1) Stel (3) Steve Carson (2) Storm King (1) Stormy Foster (1) Strange Twins (1) Streaky (1) Stretch Skinner (1) Stripesy (3) Strong Bow (2) Sue Dearborn (1) Suicide Squad (1) Sumo (1) Sun Boy (2) Sun-Eaters (1) Sun's Satellites (1) Sunburst (2) Super Friends (3) Super-Chief (2) Super-Duper (1) Super-Menace (1) Super-Squad (1) Super-Teacher (1) Superboy (7) Supergirl (27) Superman (25) Superman Emergency Squad (2) Superman Family (4) Superwoman (3) Susan Semple (1) Susie Tompkins (1) Swami Riva (1) Swamp Thing (1) Swashbuckler (1) Sword (1) Symbioship (1) Syreena (1) T.O. 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